A Fistful of Stances [鐵馬尋橋] is a martial arts and action drama from Hong Kong that was broadcast between March and April 2010.

A Fistful of Stances cast


The show is about a martial arts training school following events of 20 years ago when the father of the family never returned home after confronting the evil Wing Dak who has been traumatizing the family for all this time.


The show is like a TVB family reunion.

Kevin Cheng [鄭嘉穎] as Ku Kin Shing and Ku Yu Cheung
Born in San Francisco, Cheng has become a huge star in Hong Kong playing in may dramas.

Natalie Tong [唐詩詠 ] as Ying Ngan Ming
Although it seems she had more of a minor role here she was most recently seen in The Invisibles.

Kenneth Ma [馬國明] as Ku Yue Tong
Another actor who appeared in The Invisibles who starred earlier in this drama.

Yuen Qui as Au-Yeung Wai-Lan
The last show I saw her in was The Righteous Fists. For some reason some websites have dropped her from the cast list of this show.

Alex Lam [林子善] Like Yuen Qui Alex is dropped from the cast list on some sites. However, as usual he is the most sweet and fun actor there, short but big in character.


This series was a lot of fun and quite typical of the era in which is was made. Rosy Business and this drama had the same screenwriter, Cheung Wah Biu, who did a great job.

The story was decent although simple to follow; plenty of action and some romance.

The actors were the highlight of the show especially in their family group where they were loud but fun. Natalie Tong didn’t have a big speaking part in the show, more or left to the side lines. I thought Kenneth Ma had the biggest on air time.

There were some overly dramatic scenes by Kara Wai who played Wing Tak’s wife, so much so I just put my palm in front of my face as it was painful to watch. I thought Jacky Heung, who played Wing Tak’s son, was not in the right character for his style.


I really love these style of Hong Kong drama’s so I will give it a 4.5/5.

Where to Watch

We started to watch this series on Tubi but half way through they dropped it, taking the whole series off line. I was not impressed. However, I did find it on YouTube, with English Subtitles, the catch the remaining episodes even though small parts of the audio was cut off which Google probably did, I was so upset by that.