About My Life

Steven RoweThanks for viewing my website, I really appreciate you have taken the time out to either check out my career or my blog.

My name is Steven Rowe and here is a brief overview of my life.


  • Born near Heathrow Airport, London, United Kingdom
  • Growing up I lived mostly in Goodmayes, Essex and Upminster, Essex with my parents and one brother.
  • My first home was in London Docklands, in a place called Surrey Quays, on the other side of the River Thames from Canary Wharf. I often enjoyed catching the boat to work.
  • I missed a lot of my education due to health issues when I was a teenager. I was born in an era when only rich people went to University. However, I don’t think I’ve done too badly with my career.
  • I met my adorable Chinese-American husband Don and we’ve now lived in London UK, Washington DC and Denver USA, and Vancouver Canada. This has further expanded my career as I have experience in all these cultures.
  • In the past 10 years, my focus has been on health care and running my own business that assists local businesses and medical/science/health journals.
  • In my spare time, I enjoy reviewing Asian TV Shows and Films. Now and again I find time to read comics. I have been pondering writing two books, one of which I have virtually finished and the other performing some research, it is taking some time to collate all the data I have collected.


  • I’ve worked in government, entertainment, private companies and non-profits. I’ve also volunteered in many organizations, the most successful was being the Coordinate of Immigration Equality in Denver, Colorado.
  • Career Highlight 1: Worked in the British diplomatic server Press Office where I met heads of state such as Robert Mugabe and Ronald Reagan
  • Career Highlight 2: Worked in a quango government department called Government Hospitality organizing events such as dinners and lunches between foreign heads of state and British ministers. Many of those functions were in the presence of the British Royal Family. I have met many celebrities.
  • Career Highlight 3: Worked at the now-defunct Central Office of Information, the government’s in-house PR agency. I worked in the TV, Radio and Exhibitions departments. It was fun to work with celebrities putting together public service commercials.
  • Career Highlight 4: Worked for the French boyband 2Be3 for which I was headhunted by their manager Louis Pardo. Work for the band was based in Paris, France.

Due to my health issues, I had few expectations for my life when I was younger, especially when a surgeon told me I would most likely be dead by the time I’m 52. However, meeting Don, travelling the world, lucky enough to have been accepted for many interesting jobs, I feel extraordinarily lucky to experience so much.