Since I saw some positive reviews of this product I decided to give Aero Truffle Nanaimo Bar’s a try.  I wish I hadn’t.

Aero Nanaimo BarThe product was on sale at the local supermarket so I picked up a bag rather than a bar, so more like a bag of miniatures.  I can’t remember how much they cost but it wasn’t too much.

What is a Nanaimo Bar

The City of Nanaimo website best describes what the bar actually is, and there is a recipe available too. They did originate in the city and it’s a typical Canadian snack that you don’t really get to see much elsewhere. I have tried to make it but don’t have much success with it, not sure why, so I let the experts whip them up for me.

Review of Aero Nanaimo

It tastes nothing like a Nanaimo bar at all, far from it.

It is typical Aero, chocolate on the outside and light bubble type whatever on the inside.

I ate two and chucked the rest away, apart from taking a photo of them for this blog. They tasted of chemicals and after two bites I felt a bit queasy. They actually reminded me of flavoured KitKat bars which I can’t eat either. I checked the sell-by date on the back to ensure they hadn’t gone off and didn’t expire for 2+ months.

I guess Aero wants to expand its horizons, and keep making a profit and maybe this gives them more publicity even if people don’t like it.  However, I don’t normally eat Aero anymore and this doesn’t encourage me to try any of the other bars in their “flavoured” collection. I do fancy a real Nanaimo bar now though although not sure where I can get them locally.