I have started my website and blog from scratch. There are numerous reasons for this but sometimes one just needs to make a fresh start.

What Happened?

I had been thinking about start from scratch for sometime but the main push at this time was my hosting company Hostgator.  I had numerous technical issues with them that was quite tormenting and it was easier to have a make over than address the problems with them. I wouldn’t recommend Hostgator but didn’t want to make a change to another hosting platform this year.  I have a backup of all my other posts and I might bring them in at some other stage but not quite yet.

The Story So Far

For those who aren’t familiar with me or my story this is a quick run through of my recent life:

  1. 20 year ago I met the love of my life Don. We met online, he then visited London and the rest is history.
  2. Don moved to London as it wasn’t possible for me to live in the US due to their stricter and less gay-friendly immigration rules.
  3. We decided that I should spend time in Denver so we moved there, I managed to get a student visa. While I was on that student visa I did a lot of voluntary work the main chunk of it with Immigration Equality.
  4. After I had done my degree there was no path to remain in the US, the conservatives were in power and no chance of immigration laws becoming any friendly towards me.
  5. We did a stint in London and I was lucky enough to work at London Metropolitan University, a great experience.
  6. Don didn’t like London at all so we decided to move to Vancouver, Canada.  That was also a fantastic experience and I particularly enjoyed working at HealthLinkBC.
  7. Since Obama was President a lot changed in the US including the ability for us to marry, which we did, and the ability for me to move there.  So we moved from Vancouver to Washington DC.  We didn’t like DC at all, so much racism and homophobia from federal government workers and staffers. We moved back to Denver but then the era of Trump hit us like a lead balloon.
  8. Health Care was really tough to access in the US and with Trump in power it was bound to get much worse, and as I write this the country has gone down the toilet.  We decided to move back to Vancouver, our last move, we are very grateful Canada has accepted us as it is a habour of gorgeousness away from the crazy Trump run United States.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Hope you will stick with me as I share other life experiences with you here.