Numerous websites have been blocked by China and now we can add my one to the list.

I checked its availability through vpnMentor plus some other similar sites so as not to rely on one source of information.

It’s actually not something I really expected since I don’t say anything bad about China on here. I do promote many Chinese media productions so I’m just baffled by the ban. Maybe the ban is because they found a certain keyword on my site? Is that how they do it?

This is a list of the most popular websites blocked in China, and as the article suggests most there will just access them using VPNs. The number of Chinese citizens that are on Western social media is extensive despite them being blocked. I doubt if anyone there will go to the time and trouble to view my website but it’s easy if they wanted to.

My dot ca (Canada) website is not blocked in China, which is curious as that just links to the latest articles here.

It’s not a big deal really, just took me by surprise. Banning for political reasons is pretty vulgar in 2023 though, very authoritarian, the far right in the US does it too.

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