For quite some time today was a gloomy cold day here in British Columbia, it was great to see some rain. As we were feeling cold we thought a visit to Jade Valley restaurant was in order as they are well known for their Hot and Sour Soup.  However, they never opened on time so we decided to go to another favourite of ours, The Bubble World Restaurant.

For the first time, I had a warm drink in there, a milking coffee. I wasn’t expecting such a huge cup and it was warm and milking, really good. It was worth the price and I couldn’t believe I virtually finished it, I may not need a coffee for a few days.

I chose the Beef Brisket on Rice for my lunch. It came with Bok Choi, carrots, and tomato. It actually had a bit of a kick to it as well, which I wasn’t expecting. It was really good.

The hubby had fish, bacon and tofu dish, I didn’t try any but I have it on good authority that was pretty good too.

Thank goodness we took containers with us as there was enough to take home which we shall get another meal out of. It came to around about $38 excluding tip which is a pretty decent price these days, especially for the quality that we had.

I recommend this restaurant, give it a go if you are in the area. I give it a 5/5.