I’ve taken a lot of Turtle pictures but these two, which I took recently, are my favourite.

Picture 1: The smaller Turtle trying to get on the log. The owners built a ramp for her to easily walk up to it.

Picture 2: Two turtles, who always appear to be together, relaxing on their favourite log.

We live on a plot of 400 homes and as you can imagine the grounds are large. One of the many amenities is a little pond which has 4 turtles in it. It started off with one, then 2 more arrived, one died and was replaced with 2 more. So, we now have 4 in total, all female, of varying sizes. The owners are engrossed in their activities which really only amount to eating, swimming or sitting on the logs. Getting used to the more advanced features on my iPhone, and enhancing them in Photoshop or Lightroom, the above is an example of what I have produced.

It’s interesting to listen to neighbours who try to humanize the Turtles to come up with equivalent emotions or actions compared to what people do.

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Kamome Restaurant

While visiting the Tsawwassn Mills Shopping Centre we found a great Japanese Restaurant called Kamome Sushi.

Kamome QR CodeWe didn’t know what the restaurant was like but really enjoyed it, an unexpected find. Great ambience, modern in design. Food was awesome, in fact a Japanese/Korean fusion, both types of dishes on the menu. We noticed that the chicken was a mix between Japanese and Korean. The mustard sauce that came with the chicken was awesome, I’m pleased they gave us some more to go with our leftovers. The restaurant is kind of expensive but the portions were huge which gave us more to take out, from that perspective it was a justified cost. Scan the QR Code on the right for a link to the restaurant.

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Neptune Wonton Noodle

Today we went to Neptune Wonton Noodle House, a Chinese restaurant based inside the Central City Mall in Surrey, British Columbia.

This other week we went to the Neptune Palace Restaurant, see my review. The Noodle House is inside the restaurant premises but just closed off and has its own kitchen facilities. You can see them cooking through a window inside the restaurant.

Like the Palace, the Noodle House also looks fairly posh and has some posh prices to match. The food, at least what we had, was excellent. We had Sliced Beef in Noodle Soup and Beef Brisket with Noodles. With the brisket came a Chicken Soup side, just a clear broth, that was the best, it actually tasted like Roast Chicken although it probably wasn’t. The beef in both dishes were very tender. Each of the main dishes were no greater than CAD$15.00 which might be a little bit more than we would pay but the quality was good and have plenty for another lunch or dinner.

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Neptune Palace Restaurant Review

Neptune Palace Restaurant is based here in Surrey, British Columbia, and is based inside the Surrey City Central Mall.

Neptune is a more high-class Chinese restaurant with inside decor to match. There are two parts to the restaurant, we’ve only been in the main section, the other one is a Wonton Noodle place.

The items on the menu are generally dishes you would not find in a day-to-day Chinese restaurant most people would go into. The prices are high but they do serve generous portions, enough for us for 3 more dinners. So, kind of value for money.

We had 3 dishes in all and my favourite was the Ho Fun, it’s always my go-to dish but I was interested in seeing what this one was like. It was exceptional. All dishes were good. Instead of an orange, they served us with a Mango Jelly dessert, it was refreshing.

At first, the customer service was a bit gruff. There was no one to greet us when we first arrived. There was only really one member of staff that was friendly to us. Also, the menu was on a tablet and it timed out, couldn’t access it as it was passworded, then the staff member wasn’t happy she had to re-enter the password for us.

I will give the restaurant 4 out of 5, marked down due to customer service rather than the food.

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Downtown Vancouver Photos

We dropped off some visiting friends at their Downtown Vancouver hotel prior to their Alaska cruise. Here are some photos of interest relating to that little car trip.

The first couple of pictures just show some interesting skyline shots. The third picture shows the Victory Square Cenotaph, a war memorial.

The 4th, and last, picture shows a real estate’s (estate agent) advert on a side of a bus. I think he has a sense of humour as he makes his name into a double entendres, certainly memorable and a good marketing ploy.

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Pho Zen

We went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Zen, it was pretty awesome.

From the street, it was a little awkward getting there, depends which direction the car is coming from. I originally thought it was quite a small place but turned out larger than expected.

It was a decent looking very clean looking place, not very cluttered and very spacious.  The “plenty of space” look may have been for the pandemic.

The staff were friendly, not very talkative, and the service was very quick.

We had the following items:

  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls
  • Beef Stew With Rice Noodle Soup
  • Roast Pork Vietnamese Sub
  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee

All the items were great, the spring rolls appeared more Chinese than Vietnamese.  There was a lot of food for just two items and half of it we had to take home.

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Trip to Richmond BC

Due to the COVID pandemic, we rarely go out on frivolous jaunts these days but need to now and again otherwise the car battery doesn’t get a good charge. On the 18th Jan 2022, we took a drive to Richmond, British Columbia. From our area, it takes us past some farmland on the motorway. We didn’t stay in the supermarkets for too long as they were crowded, but noticed they were unable, and apologized, for not being able to obtain the sales items they promised in their flyer.

One of my favourite places to eat in the world is No 9 Restaurant.  It is a Hong Kong style restaurant with a huge menu and very generous portions, we have to take most of it home and end up freezing it. It’s a must if you haven’t tried it already.

Richmond is always lively around Chinese New Year with decorations up and bustling with activities.

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