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Pho Zen

We went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Zen, it was pretty awesome.

From the street, it was a little awkward getting there, depends which direction the car is coming from. I originally thought it was quite a small place but turned out larger than expected.

It was a decent looking very clean looking place, not very cluttered and very spacious.  The “plenty of space” look may have been for the pandemic.

The staff were friendly, not very talkative, and the service was very quick.

We had the following items:

  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls
  • Beef Stew With Rice Noodle Soup
  • Roast Pork Vietnamese Sub
  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee

All the items were great, the spring rolls appeared more Chinese than Vietnamese.  There was a lot of food for just two items and half of it we had to take home.

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Trip to Richmond BC

Due to the COVID pandemic, we rarely go out on frivolous jaunts these days but need to now and again otherwise the car battery doesn’t get a good charge. On the 18th Jan 2022, we took a drive to Richmond, British Columbia. From our area, it takes us past some farmland on the motorway. We didn’t stay in the supermarkets for too long as they were crowded, but noticed they were unable, and apologized, for not being able to obtain the sales items they promised in their flyer.

One of my favourite places to eat in the world is No 9 Restaurant.  It is a Hong Kong style restaurant with a huge menu and very generous portions, we have to take most of it home and end up freezing it. It’s a must if you haven’t tried it already.

Richmond is always lively around Chinese New Year with decorations up and bustling with activities.

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