First and Last Cruise

We just came back from a cruise to Alaska with a company called Celebrity. They say people either love them or hate them. For me, it was the later, never again. This is a summary of my experience.

Prior to the cruise I noticed the company had a lot of downtime. When I investigated I found it had been going on for 2+ years. I wrote to them but they never responded to my concerns.

The Best Bits

  • Specialty Restaurants: These were better spaced out than the other eating areas and the staff more professional and relaxed, the passengers in them more or less behaved themselves although numerous ones had their moments. We went to three of these restaurants, the Asian one being the best.
  • Cabin Cleaning Crew: A typical member of staff has to clean 70 cabins once a day and “get their bed ready” in the evening, that is 140 sweeps of their floor in a day. We were very friendly with those members of staff, I felt I had a better relationship with these than any others. There was none of the marketing BS other staff members would throw at us. Many of them are Filipino and we ate at the food stands off the boat they recommended, no other passengers went to them, only cabin crew staff, it was the best food and company we had during the whole cruise.
  • Professional Passengers: Most of the passengers were just rude and awful but we did talk to a handful that were really wonderful, like the Taiwanese guy who invented some semiconductors and a couple who were senior leadership in health care.
  • Classical Music: There was one quiet bar with a cello and violin player, playing classical music. It was a very welcome and sane change to the entertainment on the rest of the boat.
  • Tourist Shop: There was one tourist shop that was more reasonably priced than the ones off ship in Alaska.
  • Photography Team: I had heard that photographers interrupt passengers everywhere to take their pictures and sell them at $20 a shot. This was not the case for this cruise, I did see passengers approach them but not the other way round.
  • WiFi: We got a deal on a WiFi package. The speed was much better than expected but could only do basic stuff like emails and some bandwidth friendly websites.
  • LGBTQ: There is an LGBTQ meetup every night although I was not tempted to attend.
  • The Cabin: The cabin was better than expected, as were the facilities and storage, but we were in a more expensive class. Anything smaller would have been a nightmare.
  • Art Gallery: This was better than expected with prices much less than regular galleries for the same art. The diversity of the artists was good but that wasn’t reflected in their art unfortunately.
  • Leaving: Even though there were annoying parts, disembarking the boat was more organized than the boarding.

The Worst Bits

  • Sea Sick: I was very sea sick, it wasn’t until I could get off the boat into a town at the 2nd port that I could buy some medication.
  • Treatment of Staff: This I found particularly upsetting. From what they told me staff have to work 9 months without a day off, they then get 3 months vacation I guess when the season ends. Even so, 9 months non-stop seems very rough on people. I suspect its tough to keep staff motivated under these conditions. Many staff members were from the Philippines who had left their wives and children behind to earn a better wage doing domestic duties on the ship, life must be so hard to have to travel that far to earn a wage to sustain your family, this upset me deeply.
  • Climate Change: Cruise ships dump their stuff in oceans which increase the acidity levels in the water, no matter how much they filter the sewage there is still an effect. As spectacular as they as it was incredibly sad to see glaciers vanishing before ones eyes, I am pleased cruise ships are heavily regulated in those areas by National Park Services although I wouldn’t trust the companies to self-regulate or self-report which is the current law. There is a lot of “green-washing” on board the boat.
  • Boarding: We got on at the Port of Vancouver (British Columbia) and it was a nightmare. Long lines. Disorganized ground crew with no one knowing what they were doing. The waiting area was jammed with people. The cruise company had no idea what they were doing.
  • Safety Video: All passengers are required to watch the video, which is good, but its very short and inefficient. I had better safety instructions on board commuter boats in London down the River Thames.
  • Crowds: Cruise companies want to stuff as many passengers as they can to make lots of profit. However, most of those people were rude, obnoxious and pushing each other. It was completely awful. There was more than one incident where I saw people bump into and push over disabled passengers. Some passengers were running to get first in line to a restaurant knocking over others. I did not see any staff member assist disabled passengers around the boat.
  • Buffet: At lunch time many people ate at the buffet, it is a completely nightmare. Not enough seats, people pushing and shoving around the buffet stations. The poor staff trying to keep things organized were on a losing battle. It was like a pig pen, but worse.
  • Main Restaurant: This was also a gong show. More crowds, tables too close together with staff not being able to get between them in order to delivery a good service.
  • Food Quality: The food wasn’t as good as people had said they were. It seems that many fall for the marketing; if they are told many times that its great people start to believe it, but it wasn’t. Many “traditional” recipes they had were no where near it, it was worse than school dinners. The chefs try to be over fancy and many recipes didn’t work out, it would have been better to keep to basics and make those recipes awesome. I kept to “safe” food like corn flakes, salad and fruit.
  • COVID and Health: During the 7 day cruise I only saw one member of staff wear a mask and he was outside the boat. None of the staff serving or handling food had masks on, or any other safety clothes you would expect to see in the food service industry. I would say 2% of passengers wore masks, all of those were Asian. I wore a mask 100% of the time.
  • Ports: Every port, or every place where the boat stopped, was a tourist trap. It was full of gift shops and very little of interest. Most of the indigenous products were made in China and not by locals, so there is no benefit to those specific communities.
  • Excursions: These were a rip off. The cruise company takes a percentage of the cost of the excursion and as some people found out buying from an external company was more than 50% cheaper, even being able to barter the price. The cruise company tells you to only buy their excursions in order to be back at the boat on time but this is more than often false as external companies already know when the ship leaves. There is still a “buyer beware” for external companies as their is via the cruise company. The cruise isn’t in port long enough to enjoy sites that might be further away from the tourist trap area.
  • Main Entertainment: The entertainment on the main stage was awful and cheesy. Both performances we saw were not very good productions and the singers were out of tune, sometimes on their own but very much when they sung together. They just churned out songs with no thought of stringing them together to tell a story. The music from the “band” was much louder than the singers. Also, watching the equipment in the booth the sound levels were way above what they should have been therefore much was distorted over the speakers.
  • Ship Wide Entertainment: They were really blasting out music in various parts of the ship and it was way too noisy, I kept getting headaches. The “Entertainment Director” was so annoying and loud, like a Pontins reject. Most of this entertainment was just annoying.
  • Smoking: The smoking areas of the ship were too awful to go near and they had great scenic viewpoints which is such a shame few people could take advantage of.
  • Posh Shops: Couple of floors on the ship had a lot of posh shops. They gave out crappy gifts to entice people in to buy expensive rubbish which was cheaper elsewhere, this was also the case at every port.
  • Casino: Virtually no one was using the casino, which I guess isn’t a bad thing.


So the worst parts of this cruise made me decide that they are not for me and would never ever consider one again:

  • Crowds and rude passengers.
  • Climate Change.
  • Treatment of Staff.
  • Cheesy Entertainment.
  • Port of Call Tourist Traps.
  • Too much marketing.

I can see the advantages of doing a cruise but they are for a certain type of person, that is not me.

Update 2024-06-11

  • We have been sick for more than two weeks after the cruise. We are gradually improving though.
  • We had booked another cruise to Mexico prior to going on the Alaska one. From the experience above this has now been cancelled.
  • Never heard back from Celebrity regarding the health concerns on board.
  • The travel agent we booked the Alaska cruise from showed no concern about our health, they just said “cruises aren’t for every one”. Like Celebrity they appear to only care about the money not the people.
  • I noticed this story about the Maui local government warning cruise companies for getting too close areas of delicate ecosystem.
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Schick vs Braun

Lately I’ve been cutting myself on my Schick shaver, I have a Quattro Titanium model. To avoid that I bought myself a Braun electric shaver. This is my experience with both of them.

Schick Quattro Titanium

When I first started shaving it was electric but came to realize a wet shave was much nicer and for 40 years now I have used Schick or the UK equivalent Wilkinson Sword and at one point Gillette.

I never liked Gillette products very much which is why I quickly moved to Schick.

A wet shave, I feel, is the only way my skin feels clean and refreshed in the morning.

Until recently I’ve never had any issues with a Schick but in my old age it seems I am becoming a little bit incompetent with it and keep cutting myself. Maybe my skin is changing and is a little bit more sensitive. Also, I notice cuts take longer to heal than in my younger years.

Compared to an electric shaver I spend more money on Schick related products such as replacement blades and shaving cream.

I have noticed the Schick product line is looking a bit more like “cheap plastic” as the years pass which is why I have stuck to an older model.

Braun Series 7

I was pondering whether a Braun electric shaver would replace my Schick, this is why I bought this originally.

The latest model Braun is about CAD$400 which I would never pay for a shaver especially as I might end up not liking it. So I ended up buying the Braun series 7 which cost me CAD$135 on sale.

When opening the box I found this cleaning module and thought it was just a hunk of cheap plastic, just didn’t look nice at all. I’m not even sure it would do the job.

When I used the shaver I didn’t enjoy it at all. It felt as though it was pulling the skin off my face and didn’t like how it heated up against my skin. I was shaving for much longer than a Schick as the Braun just took longer to achieve a clean shave. I bought some pre-shave for electric shavers but it was stinky and didn’t really have any effect from what I could tell. The ability to “eletric wet shave” was great but didn’t really make any difference either.

So, it wasn’t a complete waste of money because it will be back up option if I continue to cut myself with my Schick but I can see it might spend a lot of time in my bathroom drawer. I am pleased I didn’t spend over $400.

The Winner Is

As you can tell from the above, for overall performance in giving me an A+ shave Schick is the clear winner. Braun just doesn’t tick any boxes with the exception of being a necessary backup option.


I recommend the following products because I need all the help I can get:

  • Proraso Shaving Cream, Shaving Soap and Shaving Balm. The balm is the best as it doesn’t make my skin sting like the lotion.
  • Under the Schick brand they have Edge Shaving Gel, I do have this in reserve but rarely use it.
  • Bulldog has a great range of products such as the Face Scrub and Sensitive Moisturizer, however, I do not like their Shave Gel. Their products do help with the shaving and healthy skin experience.
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Bubble World Surrey BC

For quite some time today was a gloomy cold day here in British Columbia, it was great to see some rain. As we were feeling cold we thought a visit to Jade Valley restaurant was in order as they are well known for their Hot and Sour Soup.  However, they never opened on time so we decided to go to another favourite of ours, The Bubble World Restaurant.

For the first time, I had a warm drink in there, a milking coffee. I wasn’t expecting such a huge cup and it was warm and milking, really good. It was worth the price and I couldn’t believe I virtually finished it, I may not need a coffee for a few days.

I chose the Beef Brisket on Rice for my lunch. It came with Bok Choi, carrots, and tomato. It actually had a bit of a kick to it as well, which I wasn’t expecting. It was really good.

The hubby had fish, bacon and tofu dish, I didn’t try any but I have it on good authority that was pretty good too.

Thank goodness we took containers with us as there was enough to take home which we shall get another meal out of. It came to around about $38 excluding tip which is a pretty decent price these days, especially for the quality that we had.

I recommend this restaurant, give it a go if you are in the area. I give it a 5/5.

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The Ark

The Ark is a US TV Sci-Fi Series aired on the SyFy network in 2023. It was released in Canada on 1st February 2023.


A hundred years into the future, a spacecraft known as Ark One is shuttling a complement of would-be colonists away from a devastated Earth to a new home, Proxima b. The ship suffers a catastrophic event that kills almost all of the technical crew and all of the ship’s senior officers. The survivors must work to reorganize themselves to maintain the boat and stay on course to reach their destination.
Via Wikipedia.


Some, but not all, of the cast members:

Christie Burke as Sharon Garnet
We recently saw her in the 2022 series Billy The Kid. She is a Canadian actress and model.

Reece Richie as Spencer Lane
We recognize other productions he has been in including a 2007 episode of The Bill, Endeavour and the TV series Les Miserables. He is a British actor from Lowestoft.

Richard Fleeshman as James Bruce
Numerous British productions such as 210 episodes of Coronation Street, and 1 episode of Call The Midwife. He is a British actor and singer. In 2008 he supported Elton John on his Summer stadium tour.

Shalini Peiris as Dr Sanjivni Kabir
She has appeared in many productions including most recently Good Karma Hospital which we really enjoyed.

Tiana Upcheva as Eva Markovic
A well known actress from Serbia with recent productions such as The Outpost and Igra subdine.

Pavle Jerinic as Felix Strickland
Also from Serbia he has appeared in numerous production including, with Tiana, The Outpost and Igra subdine.


The show was filmed At Pink Films International Studio in Serbia.

This show didn’t receive good reviews on sites like IMDB, with a rating of only 5.2 stars at the time of writing this. It seemed to be the case that those who watched more episodes enjoyed it more and were giving it a rating between 8-10 out of 10.

One of the complaints I heard about the series was the “unknown actors” they had on it. However, it was an international cast who had quite long resumes, so I believe, because it was on the US channel SyFy, that the audience might have been expecting a American-based blockbuster star. I am more than happy that it gave the opportunity to those actors to break in more to a different market.

There was good character development with numerous personal surprises for each of them. The worst thing about a drama are when a character is the same throughout the show.

The story was pretty solid with mysteries and challenges along the way, plus Dr Smith type character having to content with ie can’t leave him behind so have to put up with him. There was a good level of personal challenges, action and humour.

The CGI was ok, the ark itself didn’t look quite right, can’t lay my finger on it. Inside the ark the special effects were ok. The gear stick, as though it was pinched from a gaming console, I found quite amusing although I’m not sure if it was a purposely funny moment.


The show is worth watching but like everything one needs to give it a chance. The first season of Star Trek The Next Generation wasn’t well received but caught on to be iconic. I will give it a 8/10.


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Lush is a store I would visit in London from time to time, a long time ago. Since I do like a unique handmade soap now and again I thought I would try out their branch in Vancouver.


I usually use Yardley soap from the UK which is available everywhere in Canada. It suits my skin type. Whenever I see a handmade soap shop I will buy something usually in an oatmeal-type scent. There is a store on Granville Island that I love. For moisturiser, I use the Bulldog brand which is also from the UK.

Visit to Lush

I went into Lush and asked if they had an Oatmeal type product, they said no but they went on to give me a sales pitch and I’m not sure they actually listened to my initial ask.

I found out later that the store now pitches itself towards the 25-35-year-old market, so maybe they aren’t used to an old geezer going in there.

I did buy one bar of soap from them but it was CAD$19!

I was the only one in the store and it was lunchtime with many people passing so I’m not sure if they are really that busy. Maybe many people had forgotten they existed, which is what some are saying. The company has decreased their social media presence, maybe that is a risky way forward these days. Some seem to discuss whether they are ethically minded but it seems they are “on that journey”.


These are price comparisons of the products I use:

A Yardley bar of soap is about CAD$1.25 each and lasts for a month. A four-pack of soap can be cheaper.

A unique bar of soap costs me around CAD$5.99. These can be found at markets and specialist stores. Whether they are ethical is hit and miss, it’s best to check before buying it.

So, CAD$19 for Lush is way out there beyond anything I’ve paid before. The same bar in Lush UK costs CAD0.30 less.

Soap Review

The bar of soap I bought was ok but nothing to write home about. It breaks up into many little pieces. Instead of moisturising my skin it actually dried it out. The smell is quite strong and carries out of the bathroom into the hallway.

I will use it for hand rather than face use. I won’t buy it again, too expensive for the quality, or lack thereof.

Lessons Learned

It’s good to try these things but I will stick to Yardley and handmade soaps.

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Paul Bakery Cafe Restaurant

PAUL is a bakery restaurant that I am more familiar with from my visits to Paris, France. Eventually, it opened up in London then other locations where we lived such as Washington DC. Recently they opened up a branch in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia along the popular Robson Street.

This week, we finally made it to the location here. We hadn’t been downtown since COVID broke out but felt like we needed to start going out and about in the city.  This is my review of the restaurant.


The Vancouver location of course had similar branding to the other stores although much larger than the ones we’ve been to in Europe. The branch in Washington DC appeared to be larger although more chaotic.

The Vancouver branch is separated into three sections. First the line up and buy bakery items and a drink which you can take out or have in the cafe area with the cafe.  The informal cafe part had plenty of seating to bring your purchases to eat in comfort.  The third area was the sit down menu based area where you are waited on by servers. That area has a large ceiling and ornate paintings on the walls.

No matter what section you sat in it was fairly noisy and there wasn’t a lot of people in there when we arrived. We acclimatized after a little while although a couple of times I couldn’t hear the staff’s questions. It seemed, due to the high ceilings maybe, there was a lot of echo.

There were three bathrooms; two unisex and one for special needs. They were clean and maintained very well.


The staff were friendly and attentive no matter what section you sat in.


See pictures above. I had the Salmon Eggs Benedict which was amazing, I have this dish often and this was one of the best.  The Mocha I had was luscious; very naughty but nice. I almost ate everything, I didn’t feel too full up.  The eggs were done as I ordered, soft. The brioche was light and fluffy, not too stodgy as I’ve recently in another restaurant. View the full menu on their website.


It was expensive but I guess you pay for quality and we don’t come here that often so it’s all good.

Take Out

I took an almond croissant away to have another time. That was expensive too but it’s most likely the best you can get. I have bought more expensive ones and they haven’t turned out very well.


I would go back here again, it was a treat that we don’t have too often. If I worked near here I would have no salary left.

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Twix Caramel Centre Review

This is a review of Twix Caramel Centre biscuits I picked up at the local British store here in Vancouver.


My go-to chocolate bar from the supermarket or newsagent would always be a Twix. It started when I was 5 years old when my parents would take me swimming, I refused to get in the water unless they promised me a Twix afterwards. I don’t really eat them much anymore, just once or twice a year, but did pick the biscuits up as I thought they would be interesting to try. This is the first time I’ve seen or heard of them.

Actually, it’s quite difficult to find out any information about these biscuits.  Mars, who owns the Twix brand, doesn’t have any information about them, or many other products, on their corporate website. Burtons Biscuits, whose name is on the packaging too, doesn’t have any information on them either, but there is a similar Mars Bar related product on their website.

Mars Soft Centres

I checked on Tesco and Sainsbury supermarket online stores and they don’t have the Twix product listed either. It’s quite mysterious because when I search online most British stores in Canada and the USA are selling them. Maybe they were limited edition, did their rounds in the UK, weren’t popular and decided to sell them at discount globally. Just a guess.


I can’t remember how much these cost me here, about $4.00 I think.

So, here is a quick rundown of what I thought of them:

  • You get 8 biscuits in a packet which isn’t a lot for the money, but I don’t know how much they were in the UK so it could be reasonable at that cost.
  • They didn’t smell very pleasant.
  • They didn’t taste like Twix chocolate bars at all.
  • The biscuit on the outside was nice and crunchy.
  • There is a gooey caramel centre, I couldn’t taste it as the outside biscuit was too overpowering.
  • It wasn’t overly sweet which was great for me.
  • The biscuits had less of a caramel centre than advertised on the packet.
  • It left an aftertaste in my mouth which was unpleasant. A couple of hours later I am still shuddering from the aftertaste.
  • I could only eat one biscuit and I threw the rest away.

So, I wasn’t impressed. At least they weren’t that expensive.


I really didn’t like them so my rating is 1 out of 5. I wouldn’t buy them again. Sorry Twix makers, keep trying different things though.

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Firebird Movie Review

FirebirdThis is my review of the LGBTQ movie Firebird which had an international release date of April 2022.


Even though the film had its premiere at the LGBTIQ+ Film Festival in London on 17 March 2021 it didn’t hit international cinemas until 29 April 2022.

The story is based on the memoir “The Story of Roman” by Sergey Fetisov. Sergey was born in Russia in 1952 but passed away, at the age of 64, in 2017.

The movie was co-written by Peeter Rebane and Tom Prior, the latter of whom was one of the lead actors.

Firebird is about a young soldier Sergey Serebrennikov, played by Tom Prior, who has a clandestine love affair with pilot Roman Matvejev, played by Oleg Zagorodnil. They are on a Soviet Air Force Base at the height of communist rule in 1970 where same-sex relationships aren’t legal. The story follows their ups and downs of trying to be together on a more permanent basis, a story about romance versus duty.


The cast was unknown to me.

Tom Prior played Sergey Serebrennikov.
He is a British actor who was also the producer, music supervisor and screenwriter of the movie. A convincing acting performance and the movie was packaged quite nicely.

Oleg Zagorodnil played Roman Matvejev
He was born in Ukraine and from what I have heard he is back there for Russia’s invasion.


The Story was so much better for me than other LGBTQ films, it was a romantic film with the backdrop of life in the USSR and in their military. The story kept moving, with no stagnation, there was always something going on, new scenarios that would challenge the characters.

The set was convincing even though it was filmed in Estonia. Its “look and feel” did seem earlier than the 1970s that it was set, but maybe accurate for Russia, I wouldn’t know. All the apartments seemed extremely drab, something you would expect in the UK after the second world war. Maybe this is how it was back then. The ballet dancers looked very scary!

The planes that were flying looked like CGI, this was in a number of clips. Most of it was quite well done, the planes flying overhead from the beach looked a bit unconvincing but really the story was the main focus.

This was a movie without any drugs or other things that come with many LGBTQ dramas, so that is a good thing. It focused on the couple and the lives of some people around them.

It was interesting to read reviews by some Eastern European people who did say it was realistic for Russia during that time period, I guess you couldn’t ask for a better thumbs up than that. The reviews were kind of mixed, as expected, mostly good, some very low commenting as though they had never seen it. Both LGBTQ and Asian movies receive the same treatment online.

I felt for actor Oleg Zagorodnil who I believe is in Ukraine as Russia attacks his country. I’m not sure what role he is playing there but I’m assuming he can’t travel to various events related to the promotion of the film.

So, good entertainment all around, I will give it a 4 out of 5.


Firebird Official Website


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B-Boy Blues Movie Review

B-Boy Blues is an American LGBTQ movie that was released in 2022, this is my review.


A college-educated journalist from Brooklyn and a “homeboy”-bike messenger from Harlem fall in love. They are two guys from different backgrounds and this story is about how they face their cultural differences.

The film is based on a screenplay by James Earl Hardy who is known for his writers on the African American LGBTQ experience.


The movie was directed by Jussie Smollett, who faced some legal challenges recently, although I’m not sure what happened.  Evidently, this is his first creation since the so-called controversy.

Timothy Richardson plays the main character Mitchell. Timothy has 12 acting credits, according to his IMDB biography, but has also had expertise in the areas of cinematography, directing, writing, editing and producing.

Thomas Mackie plays Raheim/Pooquie, the somewhat on/off partner of Mitchell. Thomas has numerous acting credits back until 2015 including roles in the TV series Kaleidoscope, About Him 2: The Revolution, and Triangle.

My Review of B-Boy Blues Movie

Like some other LGBTQ movies, same as Asian movies, it gets really mixed reviews, from “best film ever” to “hated it”. The score on IMDB is quite unfair as the majority of those who have written reviews gave it a 10/10.

At first, there seemed to be a lot of clichés in the movie but the story developed into its own as the film progressed.

As the summary states, the movie is really about two people who come from totally different worlds trying to get on with other, and those who are close around them. The child actor was very cute and quite the ham, he was a brilliant addition. The immediate family around them were pretty cool characters and we thought “we know someone exactly like that”.

The film had humour and drama, they all fit in well with each other. Often it felt like a “fly on the wall” type film. There was some good editing, such as flashbacks. The musical score matched the staging of the film. It was great to see some familiar sites in New York City. It was more realistic than other LGBTQ films.

Negatives about the movie: Well, I do think there were too many clichés. The way Mitchell took Pooquie back was slightly unrealistic and quick, but maybe this happens in real life, not in my experience, but what do I know.

Another important film exploring the diversity within the LGBTQ movie. A film that I’m sure people will watch and talk about for many years. I will give it a 4/5, worth seeing.


Where Can I Watch

The movie is available on BET+ and is one of their most popular acquisitions as I write this.


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Fire Island Film Review

Fire IslandFire Island is an LGBTQ film released on 3rd June 2022 on the Hulu network to coincide with Pride Month.


A group of friends make their regular trip to Fire Island, but this time their journey that challenges their relationship.


The only person I recognized in the film was Margaret Cho who is an icon in herself and to the LGBTQ community. I think it was quite a coup to have her involvement which would draw an audience in itself.

This is a more Asian focused story, written by and the lead actor Joel Kim Booster. According to his Internet Movie Database biography he has been writing since 2013. He has also appeared in quite a few TV shows. If social media is anything to go by this work will boost his career as he becomes an LGBTQ icon.


The movie addressed a number of issues and challenges within the LGBTQ community. The story revolved around a group of friends dealing with these issues which challenged their relationship between themselves and others.

In my opinion, the character that was written and played the best was Will, actor Conrad Ricamora, this is the only one in the film that I could identify with. All the other characters just seemed to be a mess and outlined many reasons why I feel that I don’t belong anywhere in the community. Most of the characters were overly camp, swearing, doing drugs, vindictive, gossipy, and having sex with anybody, and a lot of what they were saying I couldn’t really understand or follow. I think the Will character was part of the point of the movie, and this will be my main (positive) takeaway from it. I was also pleased that there were at least a couple of characters that didn’t fit the body stereotype, even though one of them, the black character, was sidelined in the story. The movie had a bumpy start but ended on a high note, similar to Beautiful Thing.

Apart from the story and characters, having a diverse cast is so important and that is such a positive and important step.

The reviews on Internet Movie Database ranged from “this is the best thing since sliced bread” to quite toxic comments. Asian TV shows and films do seem to be reviewed much worse on that platform than anywhere else, and the fact that this is an LGBTQ film made them even more toxic. It’s so sad.

I do prefer LGBTQ shows from South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, maybe they aren’t as “realistic” and focus more on the good in people rather than all their faults, and have other elements of the story like SciFi, business, food etc.

As for a score, I will give this a 2 out of 5, it just wasn’t my thing. It’s great that others are enjoying the movie and I’m sure it will go down in history and be remembered forever.


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