Notion Productivity App

I had never heard of the productivity app Notion before this week but a video with an enthustiastic user appeared on my YouTube timeline so I thought I would look into it a bit further.

What is it?

For my perspective, it looks like an all-in-one productiving app to replace many others that are on the market. It has calenders, wiki’s, databases, tables, task management, and a growing range of templates you can use on your pages. It is set up in a similar way to a website, I guess, you have your front page and create other pages that drill down to tools that are various aspects of your personal and working life. It’s like a GTD (Getting Things Done) app on acid.

Why are people raving about it?

The community that are on Notion are extremely exicted about this app, they share their setup on videos and screen dumps around the internet. They are like kinds in a candy store, that have never tasted chocolate before.

I suspect people love it because it is an all-in-one solution of tools they already use but in this case you can integrate your work from section to section. For example, in one section you can have a database of books you want to read but in another section a calendar bring in one of the fields, say title, to record that you have read it on a particular day.

What stage am I with it?

I am at the AARRRGGGHHH stage with it as it’s quite consuming when first getting into it.

  • Created an account
  • Installed Mac Desktop application
  • Installed iPad version
  • Setup some pages and structure


What are the negatives?

I am finding the following:

  • When you create an account you basically have a blank sheet and don’t really know where to go from there. I hear it takes some people literally months to get to a place where they want to be with it.
  • There isn’t much integration with external tools, and I mean APIs.
  • There is a free account that has some limitations and most users will need to be on a subscription. The ‘personal subscription’ is only USD4.00 a month, not bad for what you get. However, I ask myself whether I want to get into another subscription, most people have enough of them already.
  • Where my data is stored is extremely important. I have 2 cloud services and a web hosting provider all of whom I feel confident with. The data on Notion is placed on their server with no backup to your own cloud. I understand they use Amazon Web Services. You can export each page, one at a time, into PDF or csv format, but haven’t found a feature that can back up all your dataset.
  • There are a couple of things in their Privacy Statement that made me a little bit nervous.
  • There is always a chance that people will become bored of Notion when the next toy comes along. So, what is the longevitity of the company/app? Once your data has been input I don’t think I want to re-enter it somewhere else.
  • I’m not that keen on the iPad app mainly due to responsive design, it has scalled down to look more like how the iPhone size screen might behave.
  • Can it compete with the other tools I have? I use a CRM all the time, I love it, it’s structured and disciplined as I am. The CRM is on my web host and I control it’s development plus look/feel. As I test Notion out that is what I will most likely be comparing it to.

Online Resources

The best resources I found are YouTube videos of champions of the product.

Keep Productive | YouTube Home | Website | Twitter

Ali Abdaal | YouTube Home | Website | Twitter

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What Not To Say on Social Media

What you say on social media can lead to ruining your privacy, reputation and brand. It’s always best to engage brain before hitting “Post” on your device, in other words, “planning”.

Most organizations will have a strategy in planning their social media in advance to coincide with their projects, goals and timelines. Most likely they will go into review by other members of staff including those on the senior leadership team and marketing. It’s helpful to keep this in mind for your own individual posts. If you aren’t careful what you say you could either lose followers or the worst case scenario be your own risk to reputation.

We’ll just dive into what I think people should not post.

  1. You dislike your job
  2. You dislike your boss or work colleagues
  3. You dislike your customers or complain about their looks/ethnicity etc
  4. You dislike your life partner or shame him/her over social media
  5. You dislike your family or shame them over social media, even in conversations they are not a party to
  6. Constantly shame other people over social media (being a troll)
  7. Don’t be an emotional vampire
  8. Don’t provide details of when and where you are going on vacation (tells the world that your property will be empty)
  9. Don’t provide details of your daily schedule (again tells the world that your property will be empty)
  10. Don’t say that you are having an affair
  11. Don’t reveal your financial status, whether you are poor or rich, need or have loans, in serious debt
  12. Don’t reveal or give any clues as to what your usernames and passwords are
  13. Scams about how many followers people can make if they listen to you
  14. Photos of you being too familiar with other people than your partner
  15. If you are going through some legal investigation don’t say anything that might jeopardise that for yourself (friends could let slip about something you have mentioned on Facebook)
  16. Your toilet habits
  17. Medical records or photos of your condition
  18. Extreme views about politics or people ie racism, homophobia.
  19. Photos with documents that users can zoom in to in order to find confidential information about yourself or loved ones
  20. Photos of strangers in embarrassing situations, obtain people’s permission before posting
  21. Post too much on yourself, show you are considerate of others too
  22. Death and other threats
  23. Lies
  24. Steel someones work/data and say it’s your own (always cite your source)
  25. Repeat the same message day after day or constantly retweeting yourself. Always come up with new and exciting stories to keep your visitors engaged.
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iMac Trauma

iMac 2017I thought I would bite the bullet and soup up my iMac which I bought in mid-2017.


I’ve been running on 2x4Gb RAM since I bought the computer and noticed recently it had been slowing up especially with Adobe products and Firefox. So I went ahead and bought 2X16Gb RAM to upgrade it to a total of 40Gb. I ordered Crucial RAM from Amazon. If I had bought the RAM from the Apple Store it would have most likely cost me 2 or 3 times that cost, quite unaffordable.  The RAM was so easy to install, instructions on how to do that are on the Apple website, and everything worked perfectly, what a relief.


Next, was to upgrade the operating system from Sierra (yes I was still using that) to Mojave. This is where the horror story began. Generally, I read that the upgrade should take between 45 minutes to 1 hour, well 4 hours later it finally finished. Then when I went to log in to my user it wouldn’t work. I looked online and saw literally hundreds of people have faced the same issue, I wasn’t happy.  So, these are all the things I went through to get my system to work, with assistance via Apple on the phone:

  1. Went into Recovery Mode to change my user password to something else, twice. Still couldn’t log into my computer.
  2. Found that I could log onto my computer in Safe Mode.
  3. Created a TEST user with administration rights and could logon with no problems.
  4. Back in Safe Mode, I deleted Comodo, a virus checker I had installed on my system.
  5. In Safe Mode, I deleted my scanner software from login items as I thought it might not be compatible with Mojave.
  6. In Recovery Mode I ran First Aid
  7. Checked the Activity Monitor to see if something was tying up my computer.

Well, none of this worked so I was booked into the go-to Genius Bar to see if they could resolve the issue. It was a strain on my back to get the computer all the way there, I was not a happy person.

  1. Apple performed their diagnostics and couldn’t find any issues with my computer
  2. They went through some of the steps I had already gone through just to double check
  3. Then they went through the startup files to see if there was anything in there, this is where they found the issues.

So, the resolution was to delete DivX player and Comodo Virus scanner from the startup files, the computer returned to normal. I was extremely happy.

What I’ve Learned From This

  1. Many people have had the same issue and ended up re-formatting their hard drives, I didn’t want to go through this and tried to see it through so I didn’t have to do this.
  2. Trying to resolve this issue with Apple on the phone was a mistake.  I was actually on the phone for 6 hours without making any progress.  While I appreciate their time it wasn’t very productive for either of us and just made me more upset and frustrated.
  3. When I visited the Genius Bar at the Apple Store the engineer didn’t take long to diagnose and resolve the issue. While lugging the computer all the way to the store, and iMac’s are very heavy, it was worth it to get a quick fix.

So, unless it’s a quick question I always recommend taking your computer to the Apple Store.

At least now I can sit back and enjoy my souped-up computer.

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Chat Applications

I use quite a few chat applications mainly because I have friends who use a wide variety of them. So, I thought I would review the ones I do use.

I started using chat type apps many years ago the first ones being:

  • ICQ – originally created by an Israeli company then bought by AOL it was finally sold to a Russian entity, it was at that stage I decided to stop using it.
  • Yahoo Messenger – many of my friends were on this application probably because there was no other choice, but it closed in 2018.

My current favourites:


Skype LogoI wasn’t on Skype until Microsoft bought the company and it was amalgamated into its product line. I start using Skype for Business but didn’t have it for personal reasons.  I guess I got used to using the program and now it is my most used chat type app.  Of course, it is multi-functional so I have the ability to a) make international phone calls, b) chair online client meetings by video and screen sharing.  Companies are reaching out/finding me more over Skype than they are over LinkedIn.  Skype is my preferred chat type app to use. The only thing I will add about the Desktop version, it is a little confusing to get around, as there is so much there, compared to the other basic chat apps.


Telegram LogoI’ve been using Telegram for a few weeks for personal use and like the simplicity of the design. It does seem to be working out very well although it would be better if more of my connections used it.  The company suggests they are the best for security but there are reviews for and against this, they are most likely they are the best on the market today, everyone needs to make up their mind.

My not so favourites:

Google Hangout

I have found the interface not as easy to use as the other apps, or at least I am not that familiar with it as I’ve only used it a few times. In my experience startups and agencies use it as they prefer the general Google Suite of applications.  I am also quite concerned about privacy on Google so I generally avoid it and don’t promote that I am on it.


Since WhatsApp is owned by the Facebook family of products I rarely use it due to privacy concerns and well, I don’t trust the company. I only have one friend on the app but when I have used it, always on a Desktop, it performs well.  I have tried to encourage my friend to try out Telegram.

Worst chat apps:


As soon as I registered I was told that there was something wrong with my account and was locked out. I tried to resolve it with them but they were pretty non-responsive not only via Twitter but also but logging a ticket on their system. Therefore I abandoned trying to use this application. It might have been useful in China but alas it wasn’t to be. I only had one friend who tried to encourage me to use the application so all is ok.

Facebook Messenger

When I started receiving adverts through Facebook Messenger and encouraged by companies to use [FAQ] bots through it (rather than speak to live human beings) that was my last straw. Of course, there is also the privacy issue with Facebook too. There are some humans behind companies on Facebook Messenger, for example:

  • Shaw Cable – able to answer some basic questions on a certain subject quickly even though the initial response was incorrect
  • London Transport – took them about 48 hours to respond to a message but not with enough detail in order to resolve the situation


With so many chat type products on the market and a number of friends scattered around them it’s tough to stop using certain ones but often I have to consider privacy and online safety as my number one priority.

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Google Tag Manager – Getting Started

Google Tag ManagerGoogle Tag Manager has been around for a little while now but I notice many people or companies are kind of nervous about getting into it. Up until 1-2 years ago, there weren’t many easy-to-understand resources on the web to explain the tool concisely, however, this is not so much the case today.

Rather than me go through an explain what it is I will refer you to these great resources around the internet.

About Google Tag Manager

The first video by Jason Whaling explains what Tag Manager is and why you should be using it.

Getting Started/Setup

The second video is by Loves Data, Benjamin explains how to get started with Google Tag Manager from when you sign up, find the code to place on your website and connect to Google Analytics.

WordPress Installation

During the sign up on Google Tag Manager, you will need to place some code on your website.  For those using WordPress there are plugin’s to help you do that but if you are using the Avada Theme, as many people do, you can follow the instructions that are described in the following useful video:

I hope these simple Google Tag Manager tips are helpful in setting it up on your website.

If you aren’t used to the Google Tag Manager interface and want to learn more there are many resources over YouTube and on other websites. Generous experts will often share their ‘recipes” which you can use inside your own Tag Manager account, these are always super useful.

Good luck and enjoy.

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Financial Services Compensation Scheme Scam Email

I received a scam email from someone who claimed to be from the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme which I have been following up with the organization who has now handed it over the police. A journalist at the Financial Times, Rachel Addison, picked up the story. The text of the email is below.

It was pretty easy to know that it was a scam, as follows:

  1. It wasn’t addressed to me personally, just a “Good Day”.
  2. English is very poor including many spelling mistakes. “Hope to read from you soon” – LOL.
  3. Some text copied from the website, some obviously weren’t.
  4. I’ve never had any relationship with this organisation.
  5. Going through their LinkedIn page there is no one of that name there.
  6. Most telling is reviewing the email headers which is a reply-to email address of a company in Russia.

Obviously, the best policy is to not to click on any of the links, do not reply to their email or phone them, mark the email as junk and ensure it’s been deleted. If they are fraudulently impersonating an organization then you could report it to them.


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Apple Products

Apple ComputerToday was a bad day on the stock market as Apple announced a slowdown for what it relates to the Trade War with China but generally, there is a slowdown in that sector. Consumers don’t appear to be buying as many iPhones as they used to, waiting for longer periods of time to update their technology, also, everyone who wants one probably has one by now.

I reflect on this relating to my opinion of Apple.


I am still on the iPhone 6 and have no plans on upgrading as they are extremely expensive for something I don’t use that often, I am not a power user.  The latest iPhone’s can be anything from CAD$649 to CAD$1029 depending on whether you trade in your old model, that is way too pricey to make a frequent investment.  I don’t need to upgrade to use the latest camera or any of the built-in tool that the newer models come with as long as I can run the few apps I need on the device. I wouldn’t consider moving away from Apple right now because I don’t like the Android Operating System at all and have bought apps needed for my business that I don’t want to have to re-buy again for another OS.


I have a really old iPad which cannot install the latest apps now but I am happy with what I use it for.  Basically, I read comics, books and magazines on it in an app that doesn’t need upgrading for the time being. Because of the weight of an iPad I find it more enjoyable reading from my desktop computer than my heavy iPad so I feel, for such minimal use, it’s not worth upgrading. A new one would cost minimum CAD$999, eeek.


I have just bought a new Mac Desktop but that was thanks to our moving company destroying my old computer and the insurance providing the funds to buy a new one.  I had my old computer for 8 years. Compared with PCs they are horrendously expensive to replace.


So, for me, upgrading is all about price.  Apple is obviously better quality than PCs but there is a hefty price to pay for that luxury. So, I won’t upgrade that often.  Now, Apple could bring down its prices and I would be tempted to buy more frequently and maybe that would tempt other people to do the same which could be a boost for the company but right now they don’t make that possible for me.

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Scam Amazon Emails

Amazon CanadaChristmas, and other major holidays, is the time when email spam increases as criminals try their best to extort money from shoppers in search of deals.  It is definitely worth being careful with every email you receive, to scrutinize it accordingly.

Effects of Amazon Spam

Due to the bombardment of Amazon email spam, it’s easy to miss automated messages from the company as people become distrustful of anything from the company not being able to tell if it’s from a spammer or not:

  1. Could miss important messages such as information about your order
  2. Loved ones might miss eGift’s you send by email (this happens a lot to us and it’s very labour intensive to resolve the matter/get your money back from Amazon when these are never picked up by the person you send it to

How to tell a message is really from Amazon or Spam

Some of the ways you can do that are to ensure your email program or webmail doesn’t automatically download images.  An image is used in messages to ping back to those who sent it to confirm its been opened. Once they confirm it has been opened they will likely send you more spam, or your email address will go on a wider circulation to other spammers.

I will check my webmail before downloading into my email program. That way I not only address the spam I have received but also delete any other rubbish.

Do not be tempted to click on any of the links inside the message if it looks suspicious. For example, if you get an email from what looks like PayPal about your account then go to the site directly and login through your browser to review any actions you need to take.

I am using an Amazon related email I have received this week to evaluate whether it’s spam or not:

You will note that this is a play on Amazon’s branded Prime Awards product, but the spammer has dropped an “e”.

Usually, just by looking at the low quality of the email received you should be able to tell that it’s spam, for example, bad English, terrible design. Amazon hires highly professional designers and marketers for its email marketing so just assess whether you think a manager there would sign off on such dodgy looking work. You can look up design quality and use of the English language without downloading images, which you shouldn’t do unless you are sure it’s not spam.

Here are a couple of basic steps to assess whether the email is spam.

Step One: Lookup the domain’s WhoIs record

There are a number of WhoIs services to lookup a domain such as

Initially, I will look up a legitimate Amazon company domain name first.  You can use this information to compare against the potential spam email domain.
WhoIs Record for Amazon.

Now, look up the above primawards domain’s WhoIs record (the domain I got from the email address it was sent from, so just use the portion in red You can see that the registrant has a Gmail address, Amazon would not use Google Mail in their communication and definitely not as a technical contact. The address registered in the domain is clearly not an Amazon office, look it up in Google Maps to clarify that. Spammers will often use a false address or even a Post Office Box, that could even be false.
WhoIs Record for primawards.

You will see that the spammer used Namecheap to register their domain. You can double check with the provider that Amazon normally uses (Mark Monitor) against what this spammer has used.  Now you have the domain provider you may contact them to do something about it, read NameCheap’s excellent blog on this subject, the company is very good at following up with these type of complaints. Please ensure you contact them only about NameCheap related domains.

Step Two: Look up addresses given in the email

To make themselves look more legit spammers will often provide 1 or more physical addresses in their emails.  Simply copy and paste them into Google Maps and you will find out they absolutely do not belong to an Amazon office.  Will use the addresses in the spam I received:

616 Corporate Way Ste.2-9092, Valley Cottage, NY 10989 – this looks like a USAMail facility, a company that redirects mail. Definitely not an address that Amazon would use.

3901 SW 47th Ave #405, Davie, FL 33314 – I can’t tell what is at this address, a small business park but definitely not registered to Amazon.

Another common theme with Spammers

One of the things that stick out for me is the TLD (top-level domain) spammers are using.  If anything has an .icu .bid .sport or others that are not .com .org .net then that will raise an alarm bell with me.  In fact, I have blocked all .icu domains all of which go to my Junk box automatically. Look for your internet service provides FAQ’s on how to do this.

Don’t be a victim of spam, take control of your Inbox

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Epilepsy and Social Media

There is a trend on social media to post animations that are very “psychedelic” in nature but some of them can trigger an epileptic seizure or fit. In some cases, which have caused some media attention, people put those types of animations for the purpose of targeting specific users in order to make them sick.

Video AutoplayI feel those who upload these animations fall into the following categories:

  1. General users who think they are fun not realizing the consequences
  2. Social Media managers who think they are attention-grabbing not realizing the consequences
  3. Those who shamefully place them on social media with the sole purpose of doing harm.

Examples of the triggers of photosensitive epilepsy are described in this article by the Epilepsy Foundation. Some of the triggers they list are as follows:

  • Flickering light
  • Flashing
  • Intense strobe lights
  • Visual patterns with stripes

Hopefully, no one wants to do any harm to people and those with epilepsy do not want to get a seizure. Seizures are not amusing, feel uncomfortable for days, and can be fatal.  So, here are my suggestions on what can be done.

General Social Media Users

Simply review any animations you upload to social media to ensure it won’t do any harm to those who have taken the time and trouble to view your posts. If you think you have to upload the animation and there is a possibility it might cause harm please display a warning.

Social Media Managers

Before anything is uploaded to social media it should go through a QA process, not just the text but also any videos, graphics or animations.  You are probably checking to ensure it aligns with the company brand and goals, a company goal should be not to cause distress in your clients, potential or otherwise.  Please include the possibility of harmful animations in your workflow.

Those With Epilepsy

To safeguard yourself getting a seizure a fail-safe protection is to ensure animations do not load automatically, in other words, you need to click on a play button to run them. Every social media company should have this option in the settings of your account. Following is a rough guide for the most popular platforms:

  • Twitter Desktop: Profile and Settings > Settings and Privacy > Accessibility > Ensure “Video Autoplay” is unchecked. This will apply to videos and animated gifs.
  • Twitter App: Settings and Privacy > Scroll to Bottom and tap Video Autoplay > Choose Never
  • Tweetdeck: Settings > Settings > Turn Off “Autoplay GIFs”.
  • Instagram App: Click on Profile Icon (bottom right-hand corner) > Click on Menu icon (top right-hand corner) > Settings > Cellular Data Usage > Ensure Use Less Data is turned off.
  • Facebook Desktop: Settings > Videos (bottom left-hand side) > Auto-play Video’s should be set to Off.
  • Facebook App: Settings and Privacy > Settings > Videos and Photos > Autoplay > Tap Never Autoplay Videos
  • LinkedIn Desktop: Click on “Me” in top right menu > Settings and Privacy > Under Site Preference click on Autoplay Videos > Turn Autoplay to Off.
  • LinkedIn App: Tap on the icon where you place your image > Tap on Settings (wheel icon top-right) > Tap Autoplay videos > Check “Never Autoplay Videos.

British television generally provides a warning if an upcoming video contains flickering or flash photography. I think we can do the same over social media.

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Favourite Productivity Tools

I’ve used many productivity tools over the years as a Project Manager, my own business or simply a to-do list for my personal projects. I have become dependant on them and some I cannot do without.  In this post, I go through my favourites.


SuiteCRMThis Contact Relationship Management system is my most invaluable tool. It’s open source, meaning free, and based on SugarCRM but the company has developed it to be less ugly and put in more features. I use it for managing leads, accounts, contacts, tasks, projects, cases and more. It is a powerful tool which can be modified to your own needs whether you are a large organisation or a one-person operation.

How to install it:

You can host it on your own web server.  Many of the better hosts have a Quick Install feature so its live within a couple of minutes or alternatively follow SuiteCRM or your hosts’ instructions about installing it via the cPanel or Plesk. If you have the funds you can host it at SuiteCRM but you will be charged a minimum of 5 users per month rate which can be expensive, so it might be worth self-hosting. Check the system requirements of SuiteCRM before installing it on your web host to ensure your plan meets your needs, there is nothing worse than your site constantly crashing through lack of resources.


I have used many alternatives to SuiteCRM, specifically the free or low-cost options. SugarCRM is one of them but if you are going to the bother of installing that on your server you might as well go for SuiteCRM.  Sugar is basically ugly and cumbersome to deal with, I’ve never had an upgrade go well.

ZohoCRM is another alternative on the market.  The user experience and interface are very nice however to get the same functionality as SuiteCRM you would have to pay for it.  The cost per user per month might be better spent having a web host and installing SuiteCRM on there.


TrelloIf you need a cheap and easy to learn project management tool then this is for you. It gives the ability to place your projects into Boards and within that, you can create streams for your tasks, for example, 1) Planning, 2) Working On, 3) Completed.  It really is up to the user how it’s organized.  Personally I like Trello within small teams but the streams within the boards get manic when there are too many people involved so as a Project Manager it can get out of hand for me.  As a matter of interest, there is a SuiteCRM Trello Suggestion Box online which does appear to be public so this provides an example of how the tool can be used.  Trello has api’s with other software such as Salesforce.  Trello has apps for Mac OS, iPhone and so on, so that makes it easier to use.


When you have a large project there will no doubt be a huge number of issues and bugs that need to be managed. One of the tools that have worked for me well in the past is Manuscript, and I was introduced to this by a Vancouver based web agency.  Manuscript was previously called FogBugz which came up with the idea for Trello, it was later sold to another company.  Manuscript, in short, is an easy way of managing your bugs, keeps the workflow in one place, assigns them to different users, a place for code, scrum style methodology integrated, and so on. The main bonus for me is to cut down on many emails and trying to use something like Excel or Google Sheets which isn’t ideal.

This tool, as it is very expensive, I would say is for large companies or smaller ones with a large budget.  A non-profit would be hard pushed to justify the expense.


As being a chair of many meetings or sitting in the sidelines it’s so important to have software to put notes and action points on.  My preference for this is Microsoft OneNote mainly because I already have the Office365 suite and want to stick with it for consistency.  In this tool I can separate my different projects by creating a new Notebook, or area of work, this helps me to organize things.  The big negative about OneNote is how long the data takes to load within my iPad, but its ok via their website version.  The other notetaking tool is, of course, is Evernote, for some reason I do not like this product but I will use it for something that is “quick and dirty”.

Task Management

I manage tasks in SuiteCRM as I do like them to be associated with Accounts or Contacts that I have, I can’t think of any tools that will link them to my contacts.

2DoI started off using task management with Remember The Milk which at the time the free version met my needs, however now I am a little more advanced and didn’t want a subscription model I left them.  I have been managing tasks in 2Do, I bought this quite a few years ago and have never paid anything else. It’s quite a sophisticated program and data sharing across all my devices is easy. Microsoft has recently released their task management application called To-Do, but has a long way to go, it does link in with their online and application version of Outlook but there is something lacking in the features.


As I have an Office365 account I use Microsoft Outlook for all my appointments, the application and online version. I am pretty happy with it especially as their web version has improved considerably over the past couple of years.

There used to be online software where I visitors could see my free/busy times and book meetings with me through that interface. These programs still exist but at a cost which I cannot justify the costs.

Online Meetings

Skype appears to be the most popular tool for my clients so I have been using this, and I use it for general phone calls for which the call quality is quite excellent.  I have used Google Hangouts now and again but it just doesn’t have the friendly interface that Skype does.


One thing for sure, there is a wide variety of choice for productivity tools out there, spoilt for choice.  It’s best to do a needs assessment before deciding which ones to go with because switching from one to another can be a nightmare.  I have to admit of switching now and again but I am more or less settled with what I have.

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