Time Tunnel 2022 Parody

Below is another video I created to practice my Adobe Premiere Pro skillset.

The short video is based on the 1960s TV Series Time Tunnel, in the show there are two employees of a secret project that become lost in time. More than often they never know when they are going to end up. So, I thought of a small video, a kind of “What If” the two of them ended up in 2022! Since this year is another momentous year regarding Russia’s invasion/war on the innocent people of Ukraine.

2022-03-30T20:57:34+00:0030 March 2022|Television, Video|

Trump’s Angels

The way I learn most computer programs is by setting myself a challenge. The challenge I set myself was to do a political parody of the Charlie’s Angels TV show but with Donald Trump and three of the oddest legislators of all time.

The video was created using Adobe Premiere Pro.

2022-03-29T23:38:32+00:0024 March 2022|USA, Video|