As many people might be aware I used to author a very popular Christmas Pudding website/blog. Moving away from the UK saw the demise of that blog since it became pretty impossible to access my favourite dessert.

From henceforth, I will write some news when I hear it and later in the year will review the ones I have managed to get hold of. I am tempted to make my own, although I am not a good cook. For now, let’s kick off with some latest news I have heard.

Best Christmas Puddings for 2019
There is always much debate about what the best Christmas Pudding for sale in stores is in a certain year.  Many have the favourite they buy each year; some buy ones with new or alternative recipes; some buy those with more, less or different alcohol content; and some buy the whole lot. Price doesn’t always mean better quality, it depends on your taste. The Daily Mirror lists their favourite.[link to article]

Mulled Wine Christmas Pudding from Tesco
I always remember Tesco producing basic Christmas Pudding’s but seems they have now branched out. According to Entertainment Daily, and note this could be an advertising feature, the Mulled Wine Christmas Pudding from Tesco is going to be a hit. Actually, it sounds pretty interesting.[link to article]

Chiltern Brewery Christmas Puddings
The Chiltern Brewery is the oldest independent brewery in the Chiltern Hills and Buckinghamshire area, they offer tours should you ever be in their area, last one for 2019 is on 2 November. They have produced their own Christmas Pudding, called “Lord-Lieutenant’s Christmas Pudding” made from their own Lord Lieutenant’s Cream Porter.  A Porter is a dark style of beer from well-hopped beers made from brown malt, it is original from 19th Century London.  The pudding is available from their online shop.[link to The Bucks Herald article]

Christmas Pudding for a good cause
Quota International is a worldwide charity that empowers those with speech difficulties in local communities around the world. Quota International Gloucester, in New South Wales, Australia, is running it’s annual fundraising event by making Christmas Puddings. Orders are only taken at the Gloucester Health Foods shop in NSW. What an amazing cause.[link to Gloucester Advocate article]

More news coming soon!