Part 2 of my special celebrating the Christmas Pudding.

Christmas In Australia
It seems that Christmas Pudding is just as popular in Australia as it is in the UK. The Australia Day Council of South Australia promotes the Christmas Puddings available from Kytons Bakery in Edwardstown, the ingredients of which are sourced mainly from local resources.

Gloria Estefan
This is the unlikely story of a Gloria Estefan fan who explains when he gave her a gift of a Christmas Pudding.[link to article]

67 Year Old Steamer
Which device do you steam your Christmas Pudding in? Well, many people just buy one and then cook it in a microwave for as little as 50 seconds. However, someone makes their pudding in a 67-year-old steamer passed down to him by his Mother.[link to article]

Christmas Pudding Bake Sale
This is not the first, and probably not the last, Christmas Pudding bake sale I’ve heard of. This time in Kitchener, Canada where the Pudding Factory is now in its 71st year as it makes Christmas Puddings to raise money for their Church and local charities.[link to article]

Christmas Advertising Season Has Begun
Yes, it’s the beginning of November which means companies advertise early to attract customers to buy from them, they are reliant on this time of year for the majority of their sales. Allegedly, a Christmas Pudding features in this advert by, you have to be sharp-eyed to see it.[link to article]

More Christmas Pudding articles coming soon!