I’ve not done one of these reports for a long time and it seems the world is still in chaos. I don’t know what to make of it all except just ignore it and dive into my own life shutting off the outside as much as I can.

British Columbia Update

Here are some snippets from what’s been going on here:

  • Many wildfires, some caused by lightning strikes. Seems they are moving families back to their homes now.
  • COVID19 cases continue to rise with record breaking numbers on a daily basis. Since 6th July they started to rise and increase on a daily basis, there are minor drops here and there but then it goes up. Total cases to date is 5,242.
  • Unfortunately there has been 925 COVID19 related deaths as of today.
  • Reported today a COVID19 outbreak in a local hospital, seems there was only 1 case but still alarming.
  • Most alarming news is the deaths from illicit drug overdoses, 175 during July and around the same numbers in recent past months. Highly disturbing.

Worldwide Update

Here are some snippets that I have been keeping an eye on or trying to avoid:

  • Number of COVID19 cases and deaths still continue to rise in the US. Doesn’t seem like the current administration really cares.
  • US is in its election silly season, I am trying to ignore it. Most of it is terribly offensive and it seems pretty much all their own problems are set aside just to regain power.
  • The US vs China fight continues. Both countries slagging each other off constantly. I don’t see any end to it.
  • The UK seems to be in a mess but maybe not as much as the US. Not sure if I have any confidence in the current government there.
  • Climate change appears to be tearing the world apart in various pockets of countries. I can’t see much is being done, maybe on the back burner due to COVID19.
  • Canada has a new opposition leader and Trudeau enters another scandal.

What’s Happening With Me

For work I have a couple of major projects on right now, I guess it keeps me out of mischief.

We are still wary about going out but stores and restaurants are opening more including our favourite local Chinese. Many people aren’t bothering to social distance or wear masks.

Spare time has been spent on training myself. Some online training but the easiest is viewing short tutorials on YouTube.  It’s easier for me to learn if I am actually working on a project of my own rather than being taught something that is not relevant. I have to feel as though I am achieving something this year and this is one way of doing it.

I don’t feel I am sleeping that well which makes me agitated during the day.

The weather has been warm with pockets of rain.