British Columbia Update

After a very moderate year so far the hot weather has arrived here in BC. Today we are in the 30C’s and the humidity level seems quite high, really stuffy.

The statistics speak for themselves regarding how COVID19 is doing:

81 new cases over this past weekend
Total number of cases now 3,500
2 new deaths
Active cases = 264
Hospitalization = 11
ICU = 3

We heard today that the temporary closure of a Real Canadian Superstore due to a staff member being tested for the virus. This is one of the stores where staff do not wear masks or social distance. This behaviour I do find troubling and puts me off going out as they people can’t behave themselves. [Source: News1130]

Worldwide Update

The top headlines I have heard are all round COVID19 and the rise in numbers globally especially in the United State. The World Health Organization has reported a rise in global numbers. Governments want to get back to normal to improve the economy with people going back to work and sending children back to school somehow but it seems that comes with a price.

One of the most tiresome news stories come from the recommendation by health care experts to wear masks. There are people who refuse to wear them, and I’m not sure why, in the US something about it breaking their constitutional right not to wear them, in the UK I can’t determine what their reason is or why they came to that conclusion. There is a large anti-vaccine movement so many will not have the COVID vaccine when it finally arrives. The world feels like madness.

The other global news headlines are related to the continued spat between the United States and China. Each country has their fair share of human rights abuses but China clearly much worse. I suspect it’s not just the US but other western countries that are becoming very fed up of China who are becoming extremely aggressive along with their bad behaviour. I can’t see that there is a path to resolve matters between the two countries and I suspect the relationship will deteriorate further.

It’s now less than 100 days to the US election so silly season down there has truly started which of course has an impact on the world. So there is so much going on it’s difficult to deal with things so I think its best to stay in my own bubble.

Personal Update

I have some new work that I have picked up from a client I have done business with now and again, that is good news. More the better.

We have been going out about twice a week, always on a Friday to do the shopping for the week ahead but sometimes during the week when we have forgotten something or the need arises. Since it’s so hot we’ll likely do shopping very early in the morning.

I am pleased we can sit outside in the shade to have our lunch every now and again.  Our home is quite cool compared with others in the neighbourhood so we are comfortable.

I have been training myself on various programs in Adobe, ones I haven’t used before and there are many of them.  All very good skills to have even though I’m of very advanced age now.

I feel quite comfortable and content with plenty to keep myself occupied.