Part 2 of my Coronavirus diary, documenting part of my routine and interesting things I see around my life.

Health Update

As expected a new phase in the life of the virus took a new turn today, following is a summary of the highlights:

  • Non-residents/citizens are no longer able to enter Canada unless they are a US citizen, diplomatic staff etc. The US is Canada’s main trading partner and it will be a tough call to block the border.
  • Canadian citizens or residents will not be allowed to come back into the country if they have the virus. The government here are going to provide financial assistance to those people who cannot get back in, I’m not sure, as yet, what that will entail.
  • The local government here in British Columbia urges American citizens to keep away.
  • British Columbia sadly added three more deaths to the list of fatalities and 30 more cases of the infection, the total for the provice is now 103. Read the full update here.

My Diary

Since we are now self-isolating our weekend and Monday schedule wasn’t that exiciting.

We are going out within the gated community for walks 2-3 times a day, we should increase that since exercise will be minimal while isolating. The mornings are very cold, today it was -4C when we got up, not very welcoming to go outside.  On our walk we often meet neighbours and catch up with what has been going on.  Generally, everyone is taking their new routine well but a little nervous about what may be to come in the next 2-3 weeks.

Today I had some work to do, one of the journals I work for, Tobacco Regulatory Science, released their March 2020 issue.

Just in case I catch the virus and don’t make it I am going to update documentation they can pass on to whomever will take over my duties.

Tonight we watch another exciting episode of the Netflix Chinese series called “Rise of The Phoenixes”, episode 64. It’s worth watching this series, it’s quite well done.

Interesting YouTube Videos

We’ve been following the story of a couple in Wuhan, Chinese, who have faced the virus head on. He is a cameraman for a TV production company, she is a nurse. Unforuntately, she caught the virus at work.  The first video is their latest update, from today, and the second one is the BBC who covered their story.