Several weeks ago I supposedly contracted COVID, this is a summary of what I went through and where I am today.

This is what I wrote on 13 May.

Since then I am still showing some mild symptoms including:


This comes and goes, with some days coughing phlegm up and other days nothing. This could be agitated by the hay fever season even though the pollen count is not as bad as in other years.


I do feel tired a lot. I notice this when I got out shopping or just for our regular walk. I feel very sleepy and my body starts to ache.

Tingling Hands

A number of people have noticed tingling in their hands, like pins and needles. I had this for a short while but it soon went.


It does appear I have lost a little bit of weight. Shorts that I had difficulty getting in last year are very loose on me. I guess that is one benefit of getting this.

The symptoms haven’t prevented me from doing anything at all, which is good, since I do have a big project on at the moment and other clients want work done. I do try not to walk so far though. For example, going around the Tsawwassen Mills shopping centre was exhausting, it’s a huge complex and I reached a certain point and couldn’t go any further.

I found it quite unusual that it has been going on for so long, but other people in our gated community said it took them up to 2 months to finally be 100% in good health.

According to the British Columbia COVID-19 Dashboard, there are still plenty of people catching the virus, who have been hospitalized and dying. Let’s hope there isn’t another “wave” coming as is predicted in the UK.

I have noticed that in supermarkets, the chains like Real Canadian Superstore virtually no one wears masks. However, in Asian supermarkets like T&T virtually everyone does. I do feel more comfortable shopping in Asian supermarkets but due to the high prices, it’s not always possible.