Crazy Rich AsiansCrazy Rich Asian’s is the story of Rachel Chu (Wu), an American-born Chinese economics professor, who travels to Singapore with her boyfriend, to go to a family wedding. Unknown to Rachel her boyfriend, Nick Young, is from an obscenely wealthy family.

My review may contain spoilers.

There are some good things about this movie, as follows:

  1. It is a lot of fun with humour interspersed
  2. There are a lot of Kleenex moments so go to the cinema prepared.
  3. The acting is very good and had an excellent cast.
  4. The film provided a stage for Asian actors, especially in lead roles.  Hopefully, this will start a trend of hiring more, in film or television. I hope studios are wise enough to engage them.

Being married to an Asian I noticed they got some cultural things spot on:

  1. No one is ever going to good enough for my son/daughter, no matter whether they are rich or poor
  2. Divorce or violence towards a wife is not a shame on the husband who committed the acts but the wife’s fault.  Often after a divorce, it will take half a generation to forgive them.
  3. The senior member of the family often has the last word
  4. There is a strong commitment to not let the old ways die out.
  5. The wife should be at home and the husband is the money earner.
  6. Everyone sits at the table to assemble food.

Some negative points I found:

  1. The film was too westernized maybe to appeal or dumb it down to a US/British audience.
  2. Some of the characters were very over the top, maybe that’s what you would expect in film and television but they were more “camp” or “pop art” style than I have seen in Asian shows (and I have seen a lot of them)
  3. I would like for them to have focused on some of the more interesting storylines, about Rachel’s mother.
  4. The film wasn’t long enough, as I said, more could have been included.

I recommend the film, there is something in it for everyone. It’s safe for all the family to watch.


So I am very happy to of seen this film, it was fast-paced, fun and emotional.  Looking forward to seeing more.