In order to improve my skills in Adobe products I create parodies of soap operas, namely the UK soap Crossroads, into US themes.

This latest one I created is based on the TV show Hotel, I recreated it from scratch placing Crossroads elements into it.

How I Did It

First, I created the still graphic elements in Adobe Photoshop, that is the wallpaper, photo frame, arches and so on.

I then found the Crossroads clips I wanted to use within the footage. Since much of the footage was old and grainy I cleaned them up in Adobe After Effects and exported them as HD MP4. There was only one clip that didn’t really work out but I still used it.

I tried to match the font used in the Hotel TV show, but I couldn’t get an exact duplicate so just decided on Times New Roman. Close enough.

Most of the non-Crossroads video is from Royalty Free libraries, particularly Pexels.  They have some awesome stuff on that site and you don’t have to log in or subscribe to obtain it.  However, it is advisable to donate to the content creators on there, even if it’s a small amount.

I couldn’t find certain footage that I really wanted, so I paid for it on Envato Elements.  I didn’t want a subscription there since I would have no use for it but I bought some individual content which came to a total cost of CAD25.  Overall, that is all I spent on this project.

Finally, the longest part was putting it all together in Adobe Premiere Pro.


I had been thinking about this project for some time but just never got around to it.  I am pleased with the outcome.  It has received positive feedback from the Crossroads fanbase.  However, I mainly make these things for me as a challenge, I don’t make money out of it, and if it brings a smile to someone else that is great.

The other parodies I have created on my YouTube account have accumulated quite a few views so I feel really surprised and quite chuffed people would spend time checking them out.