Every year I summarize my customer service experiences for the year just past. As usual, I had some good and bad situations to deal with.  I will talk about the good elsewhere in the website to give them a promo, however, these are the bad.


In the past I’ve had some bad experiences with Costco regarding their poor remarks towards LGBTQ people. When I phoned them earlier in 2023 I asked if I could book an appointment for “my partner and I” they then went onto assume I was married to a female. I would have though, especially in a health environment, that I would get this anymore but I guess it continues.


A museum in London I ordered something from was sent by DHL. I had never had issues with this company before but multiple problems for this order. Not only did they charge me an extortionate fee for “brokerage” through customs, which means they don’t do anything really, they actually got three different addresses for me. the items are not supposed to be customs chargeable either, so seems like a mess.


I ordered something from a seller on Etsy and it was incomplete. It wasn’t the suppliers fault but the Etsy system. The Etsy customer service function is just awful. They have conflicting policies; one area says you aren’t allowed to contact them until 48 hours after speaking to the seller, another area says 120 hours, their contact area is blocked off until that time has passed. Even after that I found the only way for them to pay attention is go through the “account deletion” process, you can’t even make a complaint. After about a month they finally contacted me saying “dear friend” for which I replied “I am a customer, not your friend” then asked them to proceed with account deletion.

HSBC Canada

I haven’t had any issues with them as such but this year they’ve been sending out survey after survey to me. I went in one branch to get some cash out and got a survey about my experience. I’m not sure why they are doing this so close to their merger with RBC (see Government of Canada announcement), maybe it’s to keep their marketing staff in a job.


Another courier company bad experience. I had ordered something, I got note to say while I was out they “left the parcel on my doorstop OR with a person in the building”. Well, that turned out to be untrue but the worst of it came later when their customer service continued with other lies about the parcel and where it was. They were in a right mess. A few days later the parcel turned up from one of their vans. So, if they had made a mistake I wish they would just admit it and then something could be done to resolve it, or the sending company replace it. I called the supplier and told them not to send my orders via Purolator again but via Canada Post.

Royal Mint

Normally, Royal Mint are awesome and have set excellent standards for themselves. However, this year has been a struggle when I ordered a subscription type coin set. For some reason they had my address wrong on the subscription although it was correct everywhere else. So, my credit card was rejected the first time, they said they changed the address, but it also happened for the second and third coin too. The pricing was supposed to be consistent per coin but that’s been different too. The fourth coin is yet to be produced so we’ll see if that goes pear shaped.


Compared with what is happening in the world these are not big problems but they do affect their business as people will complain if these issues are consistent for other customers, from viewing the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot websites they are with exception to Royal Mint