Double World (征途) is a Chinese movie that was released on 24th July 202, it very quickly appeared on Netflix.

Note this review contains spoilers.


The film is derived from a very popular online game. Set in the fictional Central Plains which consists of ten nations. A neighbouring country is said to becoming more and more powerful so a warlord organizes a competition to see whose the strongest.

About The Film

It was first released in Hong Kong in 27 December 2019 then was released in the US on 24 July 2020 and that was straight to Netflix.  It’s just a tad over 1hr and 50min in duration. It was produced by China Film Group Corporation (CFGC), Filmko Film Co. and Giant Pictures with Netflix Netherlands receiving the distribution rights.


  • Henry Lau as Dong Yi Long – Henry is a very popular Taiwanese-Hong Kong Canadian singer-songwriter, producer, and actor. His acting portfolio is increasing of late. [Instragram]
  • Peter Ho as Chu Hun – Peter is a Taiwanese-American singer and actor who was born in Los Angeles. He was raised in Taiwan and Canada.
  • Chung Him Law – this is the only actor I recognized through his appearance in the film Little Q and TV series Tiger Cubs. He is a Hong Konger with a large film and TV show portfolio behind him. [Instagram]


I’ve seen many mixed reviews about this film, many give it between 8.5 – 10 but some would like to give it minus points. I suspect this was due to the high level of action and special effects than the storyline. Some complained that it was a showpiece for Henry Lau but not sure that was the case.

The special effects were good with a few glitches here and there. Other reviewers were more or less thinking in the right direction about the script and didn’t have to use too much brain power with the film. There were a couple of female leads who unceremoniously got killed off at different times in the movie. I’m not sure what the purpose of knocking them off was, they could have quite easily left them in to enhance the script further.

It was good to see Chung Him Law in the film, I am pleased he finds different roles to excel in although he could have played a more pivotal role in the cast.

I have to admit I did enjoy some of the buildings they had created for the movie especially an outdoor elevator, who knew the Chinese invented those (?).