Eye for an Eye [目中无人] is a series of two exciting Chinese action/drama films from 2022 and 2024.


Cheng Xia Zi is a blind martial artist and bounty hunter, like an ancient Daredevil superhero from Marvel comics group.

In the first film, he gets involved with a lady from a restaurant who is brutally murdered. Initially he didn’t want to intervene but gradually becomes involved getting justice.

In the second film, Zhang Xiao Yu suffers greatly at the loss of her family and clings to Cheng Xia Zi. They then seek revenge for what the murderers did.


Xie Miao [谢苗] plays Cheng Xia Zi, the blind swordsman
He is an actor and martial artist who appears in Chinese and Hong Kong productions. We recently saw him in Hunt The Wicked.


Although the films were very short in length they were both very exciting and action orientated. The first film was only 1 hour 14 minutes, and the second 1 hour 30 minutes; pretty short really.

The design of the films were quite interesting and reminded me of the cartoon series Samurai Jack. Both films had its share great scenery. The sets were very convincing.

The stories were good, there is more background to the main character in the second film than in the first. There is no hanging around in both films, they get straight into the story and action right from the beginning. Basically, both films are about justice and revenge, no other back story apart from that.

I seem to recall more comedy in the second film than in the first, I expect this was mostly due to when a child enters the main characters life and they wanted to show a loner martial artist taking on someone to look after.

The ending of the film was very good although a little disappointing.


Absolutely worth watching, I will give both films 5/5. Good story, excellent product quality and some humour.

Where To Watch

There are various platforms the first film can be watched including iQiyi, Tubi and Amazon. The second film, as far as I’m aware, is only on iQiyi.