This is my third instalment in our journey to find a new doctor (part 1 / part 2), and I’m pleased to report we now have a new one. Yay.

The new doctor we found is in Richmond, British Columbia, quite a distance from our home, but I was impressed with this practice.

The Office

The building is in a fairly modern and lively shopping area. The outside of the practice is clean and modern. We went inside and it was pristine clean, nice wooden floors, and clean uncluttered walls. There were two receptionists who divided their duties, one was the meet and greet, the other focusing on phone calls. At the time of our appointment we were taken to a completely spotless examination room, all the equipment looked brand new.

The Doctor

He is young and active on Twitter proactively tweeting on sports medicine, that impressed me, that he is passionate about what he does. He is lively, interested and compassionate. A gay couple didn’t phase him. He also did some homework prior to seeing us. I will feel comfortable with this doctor, I am so grateful we found him.

Lucky Find

The lucky part of finding this doctor is that they just stopped taking on new patients, we got to them on time. If we had been another day late we would be back to the drawing board. I feel bad for the many others who haven’t found anyone.

This ends my new doctor journey, all’s well that ends well.