Fist and Faith (青禾男高), aka Fist Faith, is a Chinese movie that was released on 13th July 2017.


From IMDB:
Set during the 1930s after the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, a teacher (Jing Tian) and a group of students establish a study club to preserve their language and culture as an act of protest against the foreign invaders.


Ou Hao (欧豪) as Jing Hao
He is a Chinese pop singer and film actor. His first TV roll was in 2014 and has many series lined up.

Jing Tian (景甜) as Liu He
She appears to be best known in recent years for being fined 7.2212 million Yuan for illegal advertising endorsements, however, she has a very decent portfolio of TV series and film.s

Hayashi Kento (林遣都) as Shibata Sokichi
A very popular Japanese actor whom we’ve seen in the Ossan’s Love TV series and film. We actually watched this film because he was starring in it.  We were surprised to see him in a Chinese film.


Wherever I’ve seen this listed they don’t include the category of “comedy” and it partly was. The “design” of parts of the movie was done in an anime style.

I wasn’t really too impressed with the story. I suspect it was made for a more younger audience. Also, because this is a Chinese film one knew the Japanese would not come out the better, given historical events I guess this is the way it has to be.

I’m not sure who created Hayashi Kento’s hair but it was a little bizarre and agitated me throughout the movie.

The action was the best although I noticed some suggested there was too much violence.


I would find it difficult recommending this movie so maybe just give it a go. I would rate is 2.5/5. Sorry I can’t be more positive about it.

Where To See It

We saw it on Viki.