Follow Bear to Adventure (动物园里有什么?) is a Chinese comedy film that was released on 12th January 2024.


An office worker gives up his job, with a not so kind boss, and invests in a failing Zoo only to realize it only has one animal in it. He comes up with a bizarre plan, along with the eccentric employees, to save the zoo.


Bao Bei Er (包贝尔) as Shi Tu
Popular actor and singer who is currently signed up to appear in 5 movies and 3 TV series, obviously a very busy guy.

Jia Bing (贾冰) as Wu Guang Hui
Another very popular actor who is lined up to do 8 different movies. He is supposedly know for “Top Funny Comedian Season Ⅳ” and “Looking For A Comedian”.

Wei Ziang (魏翔) as the Warehouse Manager
He really doesn’t have enough “main character” roles, one of my favourite Chinese actors, he is naturally funny, I was so pleased to see him in the show even though it was only for a few minutes. We saw him recently in Too Cool To Kill which I am yet to review.


Actually translation of the movie title is a little bit awkward, I’m not sure where it came from. When I directly translate it the title is “What’s In The Zoo?” which actually sounds better.

Even though the reviews I’ve seen aren’t that great I actually enjoyed it very much.

The concept of saving the zoo and how so many visitors fell for it was a pretty hilarious construct. There was a mix of dry humour and slapstick. They had some CGI which was actually a surprise and it was done well.

The Panda was the cutest animal especially the chase and one of the end scenes in the forest.

I think the cast was laughing throughout the movie which was why there were so many outtakes at the end during the closing titles.

I should give an honourary mention to Xu Zhi Sheng (徐志胜) who did a pretty good job with his character. He has appear in three films and has a regular TV show lined up. He is a comedian and talk show host so maybe he is just expanding his horizons now.


I recommend the movie, I will give it a 4.5 out of 5. It’s great for a rainy day when you want something fluffy to watch.