Google Tag ManagerGoogle Tag Manager has been around for a little while now but I notice many people or companies are kind of nervous about getting into it. Up until 1-2 years ago, there weren’t many easy-to-understand resources on the web to explain the tool concisely, however, this is not so much the case today.

Rather than me go through an explain what it is I will refer you to these great resources around the internet.

About Google Tag Manager

The first video by Jason Whaling explains what Tag Manager is and why you should be using it.

Getting Started/Setup

The second video is by Loves Data, Benjamin explains how to get started with Google Tag Manager from when you sign up, find the code to place on your website and connect to Google Analytics.

WordPress Installation

During the sign up on Google Tag Manager, you will need to place some code on your website.  For those using WordPress there are plugin’s to help you do that but if you are using the Avada Theme, as many people do, you can follow the instructions that are described in the following useful video:

I hope these simple Google Tag Manager tips are helpful in setting it up on your website.

If you aren’t used to the Google Tag Manager interface and want to learn more there are many resources over YouTube and on other websites. Generous experts will often share their ‘recipes” which you can use inside your own Tag Manager account, these are always super useful.

Good luck and enjoy.