I remember eating “canned” type food, that were non-vegetables, in the 1960s, so I thought I would try current day canned Ham.


Back in the day, pies in a can were very popular and in fact don’t recall fresh versions in the freezer or fridge sections in supermarkets. On the whole, my mother made fresh pies but now and again we had Fray Bentos. They are still around and appear to have extended their range. I wonder if people still buy them as part of their regular meals or just consumed by the curious to see what they are like, and maybe never buy them again. I recall my family buying tinned Corned Beef, not the US kind but UK version, I wasn’t a big fan of it, the fresh version was ok.

Ham in a CanSwift Ham (In A Can)

The “canned Ham” I bought was by a company called Swift. I have never heard of them before but looking them up on their website they do a range of Deli type products that are designed for the refrigerator. In the “Quick Meals” section they have frozen pies, and they also produce sausages for Hot Dogs and Bacon (that is Streaky Bacon). I’ve not seen any of their products in the local stores here, just the canned Ham which was on sale at the time.

I’m not sure why we ended up with three, I thought we only bought two. However, we did open one up to our deep regret. A lot of water came out. The ham was like a blob of ungorgeousness that really didn’t smell or even look like ham. I decided to taste a little and it was like no ham I’ve ever had before, it was gross and sickly. To give it another chance, I cut a little off and decided to warm it up in the frying pan which didn’t improve it at all.

I decided to throw it away only having eaten a tiny piece of it. What do I do with the other two unopened cans?  Should I give them away to a Food Bank? I’m not sure I would want to wish that on anyone but I will do that. Maybe there is someone out there that can make something of it.

Please don’t let my review put you off trying their products, what is not good for me might be okay for others. On the Walmart website, it receives good reviews, mostly.