Hunt The Wicked [缉恶] is a Chinese action/crime movie that was released on iQiyi on 12th February 2024.

Hunt The Wicked


Police detective Huang Mingjin (Xie Miao) and criminal mastermind Wei Yunzhou (Andy On) have the same objective to confront the prospective Mayor of the city who controls a large drug ring.


Andy On [安志傑 ] as Wei Yunzhou
When you know Andy is appearing in a movie there is going to be a lot of action! We recently saw him in Once Upon a Time in Shanghai.

Xie Miao aka Miu Tse [谢苗] as Detective Huang Mingjin
He is an actor and martial artist starting his career as a child in 1993. We recently saw him in Eye For An Eye.


This film is what one would call “kick ass” with lots of “edge of your seat” action. If action movies are your thing than this film is for you.

The story is not complex; good guy vs bad guy tries to get another bad guy. There are a couple of twists, which were good, but generally the story was simple. This is no romance really.

Both of the main actors did a brilliant job, they were both suitable to the roll.

The special effects and execution of the action were done really well. There were some CGI slip ups here and there that could have been fixed fairly easily.

It looks as though this was either filmed in The Philippines, Manila to be specific, or in Thailand; not really sure which. The police cars suggested it was in Manila. I can’t find any specific information on where exactly.


I really enjoyed it, didn’t have to use to many brain cells yet it was perfect action entertainment. I will give it 4.5/5, marked down for some minor errors.

Where to Watch

This can be found on iQiyi if you have VIP access, at least at the time of writing this.