Kung Fu Traveler [aka Kung Fu Cyborg / 功夫机器侠] is a Chinese action and sci-fi drama that was released on 1st February 2017.


In the future, aliens have taken over the planet earth with the fate resting on China’s hands. Kung Fu is the only hope of defeating the invaders but in that time period it is no longer used and people have lost that skill.  The only hope is to send a robot back into the past to relearn the skills in order to program the mechanical soldiers of the future. A human accompanies the time traveling robot to ensure it completes its task.


Tiger Chen [陈虎] as Chen Hu / Ah Jie
He is an actor and martial artist who starred in western movies such as Matrix Reloaded and John Wick 3.

Wang Zhi [王智] as Xu Zi Ying
Kung Fu Traveler was one of her earlier films but is popular appearing in many other plus drama series.


There was something of a story there but unfortunately it wasn’t very well executed. The robot played by Tiger Hu Chen was the only character that developed somewhat by increasing the level of his programming according the situation.

There were similar sci-fi that had been pinched from western books and shows, such as “Asimov’s rules of robotics”, “don’t mess with the timeline”, and “if you leave an object in a hiding place it will still be there 200 years into the future”.

I’ve not seen Tiger Chen in any other productions, not even in the west, but his acting was as plastic and robotic. However, this was the case for every other character too, so maybe it had something to do with the direction rather than poor actors who had been given a bum script.

A couple of baddies appeared on the scene and they looked like rejects from a 1960s hippie movie with hair styles similar to The Monkees, it was hilarious but I don’t think it was meant to be funny.

Either the special effects were done on a very slim budget or they just didn’t execute there very well. The transparent computer screens were the only thing that I liked, but that is similar to any other sci-fi around these days. The aliens fights the humans at the beginning looked even worse than the old TV Show “Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future”, see clip below.

The time machine looked like a rip off from the US TV show Quantum Leap.

KungFu Traveler


It was bad. Very bad. I managed to watch the whole movie so you all wouldn’t have to. I will give it a 0.25/5. It’s hard to believe they actually made a sequel to the movie.

Where To Watch

The movie can be found on Tubi. Kung Fu Traveler the sequel cannot be found there.