Lays Beer CrispsThis is a review of Beer Flavoured Crisps from Lays.


We bought these crisps from T&T Supermarket, a large chain selling mostly Asian goods, they cost about CAD$3.00

According to the Museum of Crisps, there are over 180 flavours in Lay’s portfolio. For more Lay’s crisps news view the Lay’s Around The World blog.

The Beer flavoured crisps we picked up are from China. Just looking through various websites online they are available from specialist stores and other Asian supermarkets. This is the first time I have seen Beer flavoured Lay’s, they did have a new selection of Lay’s Taro flavours, not a fan of Taro which is something I decided to avoid.


The packet was the greatest thing about these crisps.

I opened the packet, put a whole crisp in my mouth and totally regretted it. Oh dear, it tasted awful. I just can’t compare it to anything else.  It certainly didn’t taste like beer, just like some gone-off chemical.

I have noticed about Lay’s “flavoured” crisps that they all taste of chemicals. This is not just from Lay’s but also the KitKat range of products, apart from the original the ones I’ve tried aren’t that good.

I hastily threw away the rest of the crisps immediately.  I had to eat something else, quickly, to take the taste away.

Can I give something minus marks?  I don’t know, but it’s definitely 0 out of 5.


I don’t like giving things bad reviews but in this case, I had no choice. It was nasty.