Lush is a store I would visit in London from time to time, a long time ago. Since I do like a unique handmade soap now and again I thought I would try out their branch in Vancouver.


I usually use Yardley soap from the UK which is available everywhere in Canada. It suits my skin type. Whenever I see a handmade soap shop I will buy something usually in an oatmeal-type scent. There is a store on Granville Island that I love. For moisturiser, I use the Bulldog brand which is also from the UK.

Visit to Lush

I went into Lush and asked if they had an Oatmeal type product, they said no but they went on to give me a sales pitch and I’m not sure they actually listened to my initial ask.

I found out later that the store now pitches itself towards the 25-35-year-old market, so maybe they aren’t used to an old geezer going in there.

I did buy one bar of soap from them but it was CAD$19!

I was the only one in the store and it was lunchtime with many people passing so I’m not sure if they are really that busy. Maybe many people had forgotten they existed, which is what some are saying. The company has decreased their social media presence, maybe that is a risky way forward these days. Some seem to discuss whether they are ethically minded but it seems they are “on that journey”.


These are price comparisons of the products I use:

A Yardley bar of soap is about CAD$1.25 each and lasts for a month. A four-pack of soap can be cheaper.

A unique bar of soap costs me around CAD$5.99. These can be found at markets and specialist stores. Whether they are ethical is hit and miss, it’s best to check before buying it.

So, CAD$19 for Lush is way out there beyond anything I’ve paid before. The same bar in Lush UK costs CAD0.30 less.

Soap Review

The bar of soap I bought was ok but nothing to write home about. It breaks up into many little pieces. Instead of moisturising my skin it actually dried it out. The smell is quite strong and carries out of the bathroom into the hallway.

I will use it for hand rather than face use. I won’t buy it again, too expensive for the quality, or lack thereof.

Lessons Learned

It’s good to try these things but I will stick to Yardley and handmade soaps.