Mission PossibleMission Possible (미션 파서블) is a Korean film that was released on 17 February 2021. It is a spy orientated comedy-drama film.


Yoo Da Hee is a trainee with the Chinese Ministry of State Security, she is given a mission that could cost her life. Her job is to close the net on an arms smuggling ring. She needs to reach out and pair up with a Korean counterpart but there was a mix-up and is partnered with an inexperienced private detective, Woo Soon Han, who has cases for missing dogs.


There is a strong cast in this movie:

  • Kim Young Kwang (김영광) plays Woo Soon Han.
    I haven’t seen this actor in anything else even though, from the looks of his resume, he is very much in demand.
    His character is the strongest in the film which includes slapstick to serious.
  • Lee Sun Bin (이선빈) plays Yoo Da Hee.
    I have seen her in “The Uncanny Counters” even though she only appeared in two episodes.
    I think this character seemed as though it was more in the background, I’m not sure whether that was the purpose to provide focus on the male lead.


In the first few minutes I wondered what I was watching, it seemed serious and a bit difficult to follow. Then, a bit further on the comedy started to show and it got better. The best parts of the film were when the storyline moved at a high pace. Some of the gags were spaced out as such it took a while to get the gist of the joke, like a dry sense of humour. There were moments in the film when the storyline appeared to go too slow and I was getting a little bored, in other words, they should have kept a faster pace during the whole movie. There are a few surprises along the way and a complete about-face in one of the character’s storyline.

The movie felt like an introduction to a second one or maybe a TV series spin-off. We did enjoy it very much, it was like a cross between a comedy version of the US TV series Mission Impossible and Get Smart.

So, I would give the movie about a 7.5. It can be watched for rent on Viki.