I really couldn’t do without my RSS feeds, I’ve been using them for many years.

Basically, I can go to one place to see important updates on my favourite websites without having to go to each of them one by one. Lifewire has a great explanation of what they are.

Over the years I have noticed that some websites no longer support RSS as they change their technology but many interesting one’s do.


In order to view RSS Feeds you need an online tool to parses them. These are the ones I use, most have free and paid for versions:

This is my favourite one and I have a subscription to it for USD36-00 a year, which is reasonable. The best feature is the Desktop, iPad and iPhone apps that are available for it, syncing on which articles I have read or not.

This is my second favourite as you can view the RSS feeds in different ways, for example as a list or a mosaic of buttons. Netvibes comes with other features as well which might be advantageous to many.

Old Reader
This tool is pretty good but lacks a clean user interface and is pretty messy. Even though it doesn’t quite meet my needs it might others, so worth looking at.

Mozilla’s email/calendar application Thunderbird also has an RSS feature but I found this quite a mess.

Favourite Feeds

Here is a list of some of my favourite feeds which may inspire you to consider RSS Feeds:

WordPress Updates

Simple History is a Plugin that will record the latest activity in WordPress, it’s easy to install and if you wish creates an RSS feed and great to monitor updates. Extremely useful if you manage multiple user WordPress installs.

Most WordPress websites I know have an RSS feed and the address is usually the domain followed by /feed/. For example, the RSS feed address for this website is https://stevendrowe.com/feed/, copy and paste to place it in your favourite tool.

Daily Newspaper Cartoons

Many of the daily newspaper comics are available as RSS Feeds, go to Comics RSS to search for your favourite ones.

Some I subscribe to:

  • Andy Capp
  • Fred Bassett
  • Peanuts
  • View Business


There is many news and blog orientated website related to comics, such as from Marvel, DC etc. I subscribe to these four feeds:


There are many food-related RSS feeds out there but these are two of my favourites. The unfortunate thing about the BBC one is the amount of advertising.


The feeds that I have are mainly UK orientated as I consider that home.


Mostly the RSS feeds in this folder are related to local news, wether that be in the UK or here in British Columbia.


This is one of my main work interests, to keep up with as many tech issues as I possibly can.

Hope everyone finds this useful and have fun finding your own RSS feeds.