Today we went to Neptune Wonton Noodle House, a Chinese restaurant based inside the Central City Mall in Surrey, British Columbia.

This other week we went to the Neptune Palace Restaurant, see my review. The Noodle House is inside the restaurant premises but just closed off and has its own kitchen facilities. You can see them cooking through a window inside the restaurant.

Like the Palace, the Noodle House also looks fairly posh and has some posh prices to match. The food, at least what we had, was excellent. We had Sliced Beef in Noodle Soup and Beef Brisket with Noodles. With the brisket came a Chicken Soup side, just a clear broth, that was the best, it actually tasted like Roast Chicken although it probably wasn’t. The beef in both dishes were very tender. Each of the main dishes were no greater than CAD$15.00 which might be a little bit more than we would pay but the quality was good and have plenty for another lunch or dinner.