NetNewsWire is my RSS reader of choice because it’s no fuss, simple to use, and available for Mac and iOS. In this post I will outline what RSS feeds I currently subscribe to, in no particular order.

This post doesn’t intend to teach you how to use NetNewsWire or what RSS feeds are, there are plenty of resources on the internet to explain what to do better than I can.

Wherever you see rss below, right click then copy, then paste it into a new feed in NetNewsWire.

Art and Museums

WordPress Related

  • Every WordPress blog has an RSS feed.
  • There is a plugin called Simple History which will track changes made on your WordPress website. This is particularly useful in a setup where multiple users are editing pages. Simple History will create an RSS feed that I find invaluable.
  • Uptime Robot is a tool to monitor unplanned downtime on your website, there is a free version. Apart from sending you alerts via email, you can receive them through an RSS feed.


  • Adam and Andy is a particularly good LGBTQ cartoon [website / rss]

The following cartoons are ones I subscribe to from an RSS feed created from GoComics via ComicsRSS, find the cartoon you love.

  • Andy Capp [rss]
  • Brewster rockit [rss]
  • Fred Basset [rss]
  • Garfield [rss]
  • Hagar [rss]
  • Peanuts [rss]
  • Tarzan [rss]
  • View Business [rss]








I subscribe to a number of YouTube channels.

To change a YouTube channel to an RSS feed, do the following:

  1. Part of your URL will be
  2. Go to the YouTube channel you want to subscribe to.
  3. Click on “More about this channel”
  4. Click on Share Channel
  5. Click on Copy Channel ID
  6. Place the Channel ID at the end of the URL in step 1 so it will look like
  7. Paste into a new feed into NetNewsWire


The above RSS feeds reflect my hobbies and interests, I hope you find something here of interest to you.