The new Korean daily soap, or melodrama, season is coming in March and April 2023.

I didn’t really get into the current shows that are running which include;

  • The Witch’s Game – The evil grandmother just got on my nerves and the other characters seemed out of place.
  • Vengeance of the Bride – The main evil character just couldn’t act and was out of place, although some of the other cast was good. The theme music at the end was quite annoying and thought that I could not listen to that again.
  • The Love in Your Eyes – I didn’t watch this show.

Woman in a Veil

The most interesting show, from the looks of it, appears to be “Woman in a Veil” (비밀의 여자) which starts on 13 March airing on KBS2 for 100 episodes. In some notes I see it is promoted as a sequel to Man in a Veil but I think it’s more of a remake with a different story lines and characters.

Summary: A drama about a woman who loses her sight due to her husband and his lover and falls into ‘Locked-In Syndrome’ (conscious general paralysis) getting involved with an heiress who has everything and comes out for truth and revenge.

The following actors, who were in Man in a Veil, will be appearing in it, it sounds like a class reunion:

Lee Chae Young (이채영) as Joo Ae Ra
Played Han Yoo Ra on Main in a Veil.
Very talented actress and I’m looking forward to seeing her performance.

Kim Ye Eyung (김예령) as Cha Young Ban
Played Joon Seok’s Mother in Man in a Veil

Kim Hee Jung (김희정) as Seo Jeong Hye
Played Joo Hwa Yeon (Seo Joon’s Mother) in Man in a Veil
This great actress appears to be in everything these days.

Lee Min Ji (이민지) as Nam Yoo Ri
Played Joon Seok’s Sister in Man in a Veil

Choi Jae Sung (최재성) as Jung Hyeon Tae
Played Han Dae Cheol (Yoo Jung’s Father)

Hong Seok Cheon (홍석천) as a guest role
He played a Radio Producer in episode 1 and 2 of Man in a Veil
He is an openly gay actor, restaurateur and politician for the Democratic Labour Party. He is the most prominent openly gay celebrity in South Korea.

My Gold My Jade

This romance, family melodrama starts n 27 March with 120 episodes.

Summary: A work about the delightful and heartbreaking story of a family growing up while raising a child, centering on a single dad Geum Kang San and adopted child Ok Mi Rae who is the apple of his eye.

One of the actors in the show is Kang Eun Tak (: 강은탁) as Geum Jeong San. He played Tae Pung in Man in a Veil. He is playing a support role in this which surprises me since he’s normally signed up for the lead in these daily melodrama’s. However, it will be good to see him back on screen.

In the support cast there are quite a few familiar faces from other melodrama’s. I cannot find a trailer for it yet.

Fate of Heaven

I don’t have a summary for it but it kicks off on MBC on 17 April. Not familiar with the cast but some of them have appeared in other melodrama’s before.

UPDATE 13 March 2023

Woman in a Veil will now start airing on 14 March 2023.