Ninth Happiness (Gau sing bou hei / 星报喜) is a Hong Kong movie that was released on 14 February 1998.


Chi Wan (Jackyln Wu) falls in love with a stranger in the woods, Ma Lun Cheung (Leslie Cheung), and mistakes him for a fairy. She is from Rainbow Village where, at the same time, two coarse and corrupt brothers arrive in town to destroy the peace.

The movie is a comedy musical.


Leslie Cheung (張國榮) as Ma Lun Cheung/Tok Choi
I chose this movie because the sadly deceased gay cantopop artist was in it. I am slowly starting to work my way through his movies.

Raymond Wong (黃百鳴) as Ma Lun Tai (as Bak-Ming Wong)
A talented screenwriter, director, producer and actor with a long history in the film industry.

Jacklyn Wu (吳倩蓮) as Chi Wan
A Taiwanese actress who won awards for her appearance in Eighteen Springs (1997). Although appeared in TV dramas she is best known for film.


This film was totally bonkers.  It seemed like it was a musical Carry On movie, Carry On as the series of British comedy films, it was quite cheeky throughout.

This is one of those wild Hong Kong comedies but with a messed up story. It took a little bit to get into the movie especially its sense of humour and erratic script! I am told it was making fun of Cantonese Opera, which I guess could be the case.

They had familiar tunes, such as Jingle Bells, with their own humorous words over it. Tea for Two was very well done. Some of the songs were short in duration and could have padded it out longer, maybe they were limited to time.

There were some really over the top annoying characters especially the one that lusted over someone else, not sure the acting was good with his character.

It was so good to see Leslie Cheung. He was always game to try anything out and his role included singing, martial arts, romance, comedy and slapstick. For a lead role I don’t think he was in it for very long.

It’s worth trying to make it to the end of the movie just for the bloopers which just cracked me up.


Despite the movie being so wild and crazy it made me laugh a lot, so I think its worth seeing although I wouldn’t rate it very highly.