Heroes (说英雄谁是英雄) aka “Say Hero Who is Hero” is a Chinese television series that aired between May and June 2022.


Wang Xiao Shi (Little Rock) leaves the mountains to travel the world. He makes friends with Su Meng Zhen from the House of Sunset Drizzle, Bai Chou Fei (Cabbage) and Wen Rou. Together they quash evil from mainly the Six Half Hill.


Baron Chen (陳楚河) as Su Meng Zhen
Although now acting in China this Taiwanese actor we first saw in Bromance.  I didn’t know his deceased Father was a gang leader in Taiwan. I personally preferred him in Bromance than this drama.

Joseph Zeng (曾舜晞) as Wang Xiao
He is an actor and singer, a former member of boy band Fresh Geeks Youth. He has starred in numerous television shows and according to his profile has 6 more coming in 2024 and beyond.

Liu Yu Ning (刘宇宁) as Bai Chou Fei
A pop singer and actor, he is the lead singer of the band Modern Brothers. he has released over 100 singles and TV theme soundtracks. He started as a street performer and now has a lot of fame being involved with many productions.


This was a decent production with a good mix of drama, romance and action. The story line is good, enough to keep ones attention throughout the 38 episodes.

Maybe I’m not used to seeing him in a role like this but I think Baron Chen looked and felt a bit out of place.

The main female character, Wen Rou, came across as a little bit immature and screeching at first. Women are often portrayed as such in Chinese dramas I find. Thankfully the character did develop over time.

Some television and movie databases categorised this as “Wuxia” but I would say it wasn’t full Wuxia. There were some leaps and fighting that were almost super human but not over the top. I would say it’s Wuxia Light.

Unfortunately, some of the camera work made the drama look a bit silly. Some of the scenes where soldiers were running fast were sped up like a Benny Hill chase sequence. I had to laugh, I don’t think I was meant to.

One of the story lines was around the dangers of ambition and that develops throughout the series into an ending that I was not expecting. Many asian shows do not have full happy endings.


This was a very decent well produced and packaged show definitely worth the time to watch. There would have been some things I would have changed about it but overall I would give it a 4/5.

Where To Watch

I watched it on Viki but its also available on YouTube. Viki is better quality video without commercials.