Lately I’ve been cutting myself on my Schick shaver, I have a Quattro Titanium model. To avoid that I bought myself a Braun electric shaver. This is my experience with both of them.

Schick Quattro Titanium

When I first started shaving it was electric but came to realize a wet shave was much nicer and for 40 years now I have used Schick or the UK equivalent Wilkinson Sword and at one point Gillette.

I never liked Gillette products very much which is why I quickly moved to Schick.

A wet shave, I feel, is the only way my skin feels clean and refreshed in the morning.

Until recently I’ve never had any issues with a Schick but in my old age it seems I am becoming a little bit incompetent with it and keep cutting myself. Maybe my skin is changing and is a little bit more sensitive. Also, I notice cuts take longer to heal than in my younger years.

Compared to an electric shaver I spend more money on Schick related products such as replacement blades and shaving cream.

I have noticed the Schick product line is looking a bit more like “cheap plastic” as the years pass which is why I have stuck to an older model.

Braun Series 7

I was pondering whether a Braun electric shaver would replace my Schick, this is why I bought this originally.

The latest model Braun is about CAD$400 which I would never pay for a shaver especially as I might end up not liking it. So I ended up buying the Braun series 7 which cost me CAD$135 on sale.

When opening the box I found this cleaning module and thought it was just a hunk of cheap plastic, just didn’t look nice at all. I’m not even sure it would do the job.

When I used the shaver I didn’t enjoy it at all. It felt as though it was pulling the skin off my face and didn’t like how it heated up against my skin. I was shaving for much longer than a Schick as the Braun just took longer to achieve a clean shave. I bought some pre-shave for electric shavers but it was stinky and didn’t really have any effect from what I could tell. The ability to “eletric wet shave” was great but didn’t really make any difference either.

So, it wasn’t a complete waste of money because it will be back up option if I continue to cut myself with my Schick but I can see it might spend a lot of time in my bathroom drawer. I am pleased I didn’t spend over $400.

The Winner Is

As you can tell from the above, for overall performance in giving me an A+ shave Schick is the clear winner. Braun just doesn’t tick any boxes with the exception of being a necessary backup option.


I recommend the following products because I need all the help I can get:

  • Proraso Shaving Cream, Shaving Soap and Shaving Balm. The balm is the best as it doesn’t make my skin sting like the lotion.
  • Under the Schick brand they have Edge Shaving Gel, I do have this in reserve but rarely use it.
  • Bulldog has a great range of products such as the Face Scrub and Sensitive Moisturizer, however, I do not like their Shave Gel. Their products do help with the shaving and healthy skin experience.