I was having issues with SuiteCRM so I decided to create my own CRM in TapForms but then I came across EspoCRM.

What Happened to SuiteCRM

This is a totally awesome Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) tool which is based on SugarCRM. They came out with version 8 and upon upgrading it obliterated my current version and all its data, luckily I had a backup. Then, I tried to do a fresh install but there didn’t appear to be any install php file, I notice in the forums this has stumped many other people. Maybe there is a different way of installing the application that me and other users aren’t getting.

It doesn’t matter really, I really appreciate the time I was on SuiteCRM but I decided to abandon it at this point.

Onto TapForms5

Since I already purchased TapForms, an amazing database for Mac, iPhone and iPad, made in Canada, I decided to create my own CRM in that tool. There are many advantages using my own database:

  • Encrypted
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Ability to create other databases apart from a CRM, no limitations.
  • Has scripting ability but also easy enough to use if one doesn’t have those abilities.
  • Sync over multiple devices via iCloud or other cloud services.
  • View offline without an internet connection.
  • Design as I need it from scratch without the irrelevant structure of an off-the-shelf tool.
  • Later, sometime in the future, I might not have a hosting account which means an online CRM would be out of the equation.

I’m really happy with where I am with TapForms.


Someone in the SuiteCRM forum, who also had similar issues to myself, wrote and recommended EspoCRM so I went ahead and tried it out.

Espo wouldn’t replace TapForms5 now but I see some advantages to using it:

  • It’s very light weight
  • Easy to install on your own hosting environment.
  • Its aesthetically pleasing to the eye, good UX/UI.
  • Easier to customize the fields.
  • Works well on multiple platforms, good responsive design, as long as you have an internet connection.


These would be my recommendations:

  1. If you don’t have a hosting account try and use a database like TapForms5
  2. SuiteCRM is powerful although slightly pretty complex, but it would be my second choice, if you understand how to install it.
  3. EspoCRM would be my third choice especially for ease of use.