Super Villain [aka Solitary Man or 大“反”派] is a Chinese comedy drama movie that was released on 4th April 2024.


Bi Chao has been desperately trying to get into the movie business when an upcoming role turns into a nightmare. In an accident he loses his memory and thinks he really is the character that he is playing in the movie; he thinks he is a murderer, in love with someone else other than his wife and is chased by three gangsters.


Bao Bei Er [包贝尔] as Bi Chao
He is a Chinese actor and singer. He is very popular and lined up to appear in many films and TV shows, I’m surprised he has time to see his wife and child. We recently saw him in Follow Bear to Adventure and 1921.

Wei Xiang [魏翔] as Fang Zi Hua
As I’ve said before this actor should be in more main roles, I think he is gradually being recognized for his talent. We’ve seen him in many films including Too Cool To Kill.


This movie was definitely very comedic but at times it had lost it’s way. I’m just wondering if they rush through these movies as the actors have so many other films they are making.

Centered around the movie making industry in China but there were still references to Hollywood but they showed quite a few sound stages. I doubt if they had made those sets just for “Super Villain”, maybe borrowed from other ongoing film productions.

The story was basically good but not new. Someone gets hit on his head and thinks he’s someone else. The difference was it centered around the movie industry, a rocky relationship, and being chased by the fish salesmen/gangsters.

I was surprised to see a somewhat gay related scene when an actor appeared to have slept with a movie executive to get a part. This is something you don’t often see in Chinese films and I thought these references had been banned.

There were two scenes that might not have gone down well in the west including the one at the pharmacy taking many pills. A “do not try this at home” moment. If I was a screenwriter I wouldn’t have included that.

The bloopers at the end were cute, it seems that all the actors were having a great time with this movie.


I haven’t seen many reviews of it yet but Douban give it a 4.5. I normally mark it out of five but I would give it a higher score, around a 7/10. I think its worth seeing just for the slapstick comedy sequences.