Amazon AI Failures

I notice some Tech media today is reporting the lazy use of AI when placing products on Amazon, there are some very “amusing” failures.

Couple of the articles I have seen are as follows:

Why would anyone buy from sellers who can’t even get the title of their products right and don’t check the AI output once they are online? Also, I’m quite surprised that Amazon doesn’t have a review process that catches these out.

It appears some have been taken down but I found one just prior to writing this article.

Amazon Strange Product Title

Also, I noticed this following product which hasn’t got the best title in the world but the price is CAD $13,000.19. That is a ridiculous price for a plastic toilet brush. So, when I posted it to social media some say it could be related to money laundering, well, I’m not sure about that but it does look suspicious. Over a month ago I wrote to Amazon about the product but they still haven’t done anything to correct it, not sure whether they are lazy or don’t care. Today I posted a question on the product, maybe that will raise some attention to it. If they reply I will post an update here.

Amazon Loo Brush

It’s always best to take extra care when ordering products on Amazon, it’s like going to an open air market, most people will be great but there are always going to be bad actors. I generally ignore the reviews, I don’t know whether they are fake or legitimate. For some products it is better to pay more and go to the store. Amazon Canada is often more expensive than other outlets including stores anyway.