The “Brocade Mouse Royal Cat Nine Deep Blood Wolf”, or a more simple alternative title “Sleek Rat and Royal Cat” [锦鼠御猫之九幽血狼] is a Chinese movie that was released on 22 May 2020.


So, we have demon wolfs, the Song Dynasty and two guys who tease each other but team up to solve strange death in Bianliang City and return people to a peaceful life.


Andrew Pong [龐景峰] as Bai Yu Tang
Andrew is an Australian born American actor and singer based in Hong Kong. He is also a martial artist and love dogs. This is the first production I have seen him in, although The Leakers does seem familiar to us.
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He Ming Han [何明翰] as Zhan Zhao
Quite a long career of mostly television work but we haven’t seen him in any other productions. He is an actor and singer from Nanton and studied at the Shanghai Theater Academy.

Sleek Rat and Royal CatReview – SPOILERS

The reason why I watched this film is because I was intrigued by the long title, from that I expected a crazy comedy,

I think this must have been a made-for-TV movie, it’s only 1 hour 23 minutes in length and the story is not really tight as it should have been.

The action scenes were pretty good, some of it was quite obviously CGI, but generally much of it is what we would expect from a big budget movie. On the downside, it appeared they hit the fast-forward button on these action sequences, not sure why, maybe to hide some of the CGI created stuff or because they had to fit in so much in the allowed time. It certainly gave some opportunity to show off Andrew Pong’s skillset.

The humour was great and I would have placed this film in the comedy category above anything else. The movie was fun to watch from that perspective and would have been duller otherwise.

The love interest of Zhan Zhao, Ding Yue Hua, was slightly annoying after a while but I am pleased they offset that off with some action from her.

They shouldn’t have knocked off all the ladies in the first 10 minutes of the film. I felt that was a mistake. They should have integrated into the film later on.

I understand some people liked the music in the movie but writing this afterwards I have no recollection of it. Maybe I should go back and listen to it again.

It was a decent entertainment but not something I would have paid for at the cinema. I will give it 2.5/5.

Where To Watch

We saw this movie on Viki but it’s also on Tubi and YouTube.