The Grand Heist (바람과 함께 사라지다) is a South Korean historical comedy film that was released on 8 August 2012.


The film is set in the late 18th century of the Joseon Dynasty when ce is a commodity more valuable than gold. Corrupt officials conspire to form a monopoly and fix its price, a gang of 11 professionals is formed to stop the scheme..


Cha Tae Hyun (차태현) as Duk Moo
A popular and very funny actor who is also a director and singer. Went through some controversy in 2019 which made him withdraw from all his shows but seems to have bounced back pretty well.

Oh Ji Ho (오지호) as Dong Soo
An actor and model who is also very popular in Japan thanks to some of his shows being imported in there.

Lee Chae Young (이채영) as Yoo Sul Hwa
One of the reasons I watch this show as she was in it, known for her roles to use in Man in a Veil and Woman in a Veil.


This was a really cute film which was very funny, I enjoyed it very much. It was somewhat similar to other costume comedy films from Korea but I never get bored of them.

As I said above, I knew it starred Lee Chae Young, and was curious to see her in another role apart from a soap opera format. Unfortunately, her skills weren’t utilized as much as the they could but she was good in it.

The story was well put together, I was mostly kept engaged all the way through although it was slow in parts. It was slightly saucy as well, in a flirty kind of way.

Cha Tae Hyun was so good in this lead role, cheeky looking and was the centerpiece of the movie. All the actors had their own story lines with important parts to play.

The two children in the movie was exceptional, very funny and great actors.

My only negative was how they kept repeating “okay”, it was moderately humorous the first time but after that it was slightly annoying. You will know what I mean when you watch the film.

Overall I would give this movie a 4.5/5.

Where To Watch

The movie can be found, at least in Canada, on Tubi and Viki.