The Silent Criminal (双夭记) is a very cute 13 part TV show that was broadcast on iQiyi in 2020.


Thieves hatch a plan to steal a box containing a powerful weapon that would, whoever owns it, have unlimited power. Long Yao, the Emperor and Jing Yao, a small-town detective, go about bringing justice.


Leo Li (李嘉铭) plays Detective Shi Jing Yao
We have previously seen Leo Li in the 2018 TV drama Moonshine and Valentine, but nothing else to date.  He is married to fellow Moonshine and Valentine actor Liu Young Xi.

Wen Sheng (文生) plays Long Yao
Silent Criminal was the first time Wen Sheng had played the main role in any production, he did a very good job. He is a recent graduate of the Department of Performance of Fudan University.


We loved this show but it was very short. The story gives potential for a second season but I doubt if there will be one.

The comedy was the first positive thing about this drama. However, this tailed off during the second part of the season. However, it was an amusing show.  It’s great to see something lighthearted.

The storyline wasn’t very unique but I would say they presented it very well with their own twists integrating into the character’s humour.

It felt this should have been a bromance drama, it is self-evident they made it feel like something was going on between Jing Yao and Long Yao. If life was more liberal in China I guess they could have quickly gone in that redirection with the show.

The action and fighting scenes were good although more prominent towards the end of the series.

There was more wuxia and supernatural the further the series went on, also one episode went off on a complete tangent into the horror-ish genre.

Either way, this was such an enjoyable show, much to the amazing performance of the actors, so I give it a 5/5.

Where To See It

I saw it on Viki but it can also be seen on iQiyi.