The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch (경이로운 소문2: 카운터 펀치) is a South Korean TV program that was broadcast on tvN, OCN and Netflix between 29 July to 3 September 2023.


In season two The Counters face an ultimate evil being that has take possession of one of their friends.


Cho Byeong Kyu (조병규) as So Moon
He initially wanted to be a footballer but then went into acting enjoying Shakespeare type roles until his big break onto the small screen in 2015.

Yoo Joon Sang (유준상) as Ga Mo Tak
He started his on screen career in the mid-1990s but is now directing his 3rd movie.

Kim Se Jeong (김세정) as Do Ha Na
She is a South Korean singer having been in two girl bands. She has been in TV Drama since 2016.

Yeom Hye Ran (염혜란) as Chu Mae Ok
Her first main role came with season 1 of Uncanny Counter although she has been acting on the big screen since 2003.

Yoo In Soo (유인수) as Na Jeok Bong
He plays a new main character for season 2, his career started in 2017 on the big and small screen.


The story line was ok although slow in parts. It was interesting to see them introduce a character of ultimate evil, so to speak. It was fairly slow in parts and maybe they didn’t have enough content to fill the 12 episodes at the length that they were. Probably more content or less number of episodes.

The black slime parts of the alternate world to me was unnecessary, I felt for the actors having to do that.  I wouldn’t have done.

The special effects were brilliant going to new lengths than the first season. However, it was more violent than it needed to be, could open it to a wider audience if some of the gore wasn’t there.

I liked how the first season was based out of a cosy restaurant but not sure the Amazon like warehouse really worked for me. Maybe they did it for the specific fight scenes they were introducing later on.

I’m sorry to say that season 2 was a bit of a let down. The first season was new and original but the second felt like a repeat. Maybe there should have been only been one season, I don’t think they should do a season 3 although I have no idea if one is planned. Having said that it was entertaining and managed to get through all 12 episodes.

Where to Watch

The show can be found on Netflix along with season 1.