I’ve taken a lot of Turtle pictures but these two, which I took recently, are my favourite.

Picture 1: The smaller Turtle trying to get on the log. The owners built a ramp for her to easily walk up to it.

Picture 2: Two turtles, who always appear to be together, relaxing on their favourite log.

We live on a plot of 400 homes and as you can imagine the grounds are large. One of the many amenities is a little pond which has 4 turtles in it. It started off with one, then 2 more arrived, one died and was replaced with 2 more. So, we now have 4 in total, all female, of varying sizes. The owners are engrossed in their activities which really only amount to eating, swimming or sitting on the logs. Getting used to the more advanced features on my iPhone, and enhancing them in Photoshop or Lightroom, the above is an example of what I have produced.

It’s interesting to listen to neighbours who try to humanize the Turtles to come up with equivalent emotions or actions compared to what people do.