The news just came through today that comedian Nigel Ng, in his Uncle Roger persona, has had his Bilibili and Weibo accounts suspended in China. He was suspended over this comedy sketch:

I saw this article in The Guardian this morning. Well, I can say now that I have something in common with Uncle Roger, see my previous article here.

Uncle Roger Suspended in China - Haiyaaa

Blocking or suspending really serves no purpose, it just increases the popularity by shining a light on those who have been banned. Just like banning of books by certain states in the US (see this article on Pen America), its just a free advert, but we all know that there are certain far right “leaders” who want to emulate countries like Russia and China. The analytics of this website have increased since due to China blocking it. It’s quite amusing that they block my dot com site but not my dot ca one.

Dot Com Website Blocked in China

As a result, I decided to do an IP country block on China, as well as Russia, and funnily enough I’ve had a significant decrease in bot attacks as well. Most attacks on this website have actually come from the US though.

People in China are not stupid, anything they want to see on any website around the world can just be accessed via VPN

Well, I guess this is the world we live in now, where I get blocked for promoting and reviewing Chinese TV shows, and Nigel Ng gets blocked because the CCP haven’t got a sense of humour. They’ve only got themselves to blame for the bad publicity.

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