When A Snail Falls In Love (如果蜗牛有爱情) is a Chinese drama/investigation/romance Television show that was broadcast in 2016 by Dragon TV. There were 21 episodes each of 30 minutes duration


A Chinese Detective, Ji Bai, played by actor Wang Kai (王凯) has to train new recruit Xu Xu, played by Olivia Wang (王子文). However, she might be excellent at psychology and profiling but doesn’t have the skill set to work in the field. They both become respectful of each other’s abilities and work together to solve a high profile case which takes them to Myanmar.


The story has everything; action, romance, drama and comedy. There are a number of reasons why I believe this series is really good. It tackles the emotional effects of working in the police force. Maybe it’s a Chinese cultural thing but the boss always took the blame for any mistakes of the team. The romantic scenes are touching and the action sequences are gripping. The script is complex but it is explained slowly and fits in well with the overall show. The photography is brilliant whether it’s in old-fashioned markets, the docks, the countryside, the train going through Myanmar and more romantic locations. The show tackles issues that I’ve never seen in other Asian shows. On the negative side, I believe there are some parts of the story that are “lost in translation”, we didn’t understand some parts of the show which may have been down to the subtitles we saw.  It is often quite difficult to get a direct translation from Mandarin into English.

Snail Cartoon

Where To See The Show

You can watch the show on Viki, but not available in some locations (ie Canada), or the network has uploaded the show to YouTube where you can view various versions there.

UPDATE 27th January 2023

We have since seen Wang Kai (王凯) aka Nick in the film Dynasty Warriors.

We haven’t seen Wang Zi Wen (王子文) but she is in Three-Body (三体) which we do intend to view at some point.